Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Oliver Bryce Yates

Oliver Bryce Yates
Sydney, Australia
flickr blog
Cookies and Cream

Is photography part of your main schtick or is it rather a pursuit on the side?

Finance in Photography is like gambling. The house always wins.

Does living in Sydney predestinate to skate and surf?

I think it is a broader question than that. I think that being an outcast or a fuckup is more of a predestinate factor than location.

Both of your sites' names are about sweets & bakery. Any specific reason for this?

Sub-consious thoughts about food coupled with the juxtoposition of placing grotesque pictures with that of a polietly named site.

You don't seem to shoot any digital photos. Why do you concentrate on film?

I could be technical and explain how digital doesn't replicate film in the green spectrem or I can simply say that there is nothing better than looking forward to getting a roll of film back and going on an adventure into the city having no idea what worked and what failed.

Which kind of pictures would you say you like more in other artists works: 'straightforward', clear images or pictures that play with light/colours/haze etc?

It really depends on the subject. I have always seen good photography in two classes. You can either shoot something extrodiary in a basic manner or you can shoot something ordinary in an extrodinanry manner. Colour and haze is always a good way to make up for ordinary subject matter.

What made you start your side project 'Cookies&Cream'?

To create a thinktank of sorts that is not ridgid in its construction. It is evolving to include a store that will sell others books, books released through a Cookies & Cream brand, limited run artists shirts and with some luck a free magazine here in Australia.

Is there a place you traveled to where you felt like you couldn't stop making pictures of the surroundings/setting?

My hometown Newcastle has me reinspired

Small gigs or big festivals?

Small ones. Festivals draw more assholes.

Even if this might sound cliché-ish, and it probably is, but looking at your flickr at times made me feel like watching Lords of Dogtown. If you have watched it, do you like that movie?

I haven't ever seen it so im not too sure. I watched Paranoid Park recently and I was cringing too much and had to stop watching simply due to some of the dialouge. Kids remains one of the only honest films, though obviously exagerated.

When running around and about town, how do you protect your camera(s) from damage?

I was just talking about this the other day with a friend. I don't even have a lense cover and I throw it in a small canvas bag with coins, pens, key, the works. I have no idea how my current camera hasn't been completly ruined.

What is your Plan A for life?

What I am doing right now

One place/country/city you would love to visit at next chance?

Go back to New York. I know, what a cliche.

Your favorite way to travel?


The real deal. Be sure to visit his gallery and blog, check out Cookies and Cream!


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