Monday, 12 April 2010

Kristie Muller

Kristie Muller
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Compared to others, what do you like better about the photographic medium?

I like how I don't need to set aside time to take photos. I can just go ahead with my life with a camera in the bottom of my bag and reach for it whenever I feel like it.

When I looked through your pictures, I felt as if I was being told a story, hence the question. Maybe it's only me, though. It reminded me a bit of Dito Montiel, too. So, if your were to convert your gallery into a movie, what would it probably be about?

Thanks. I'd like everything to unfold like a story. The movie would have the same plot. I think I'd make a series of silent shorts, each set to a different song. I actually really want to do that.

If you were to shoot portraits of your closest friends, how would you go about it?

I've been shooting a lot of portraits lately. Most of the time I'll sneak up on them. I like candid photos a lot more.

What catches your eye and urges to take a picture of it?

Ive always been really drawn to color. I have hundreds of pictures of just colors that I like. I've always wanted to arrange them into one huge gradient, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Other than that, just anything that I think is funny or striking.

Clearly, here is a concept behind this. Please explain.

Haha, that was just me and my old boyfriend being stupid. Glory holes are funny, and I like the colors in the blanket.

Also, what about all those naked people?

None of it's fully planned. It's usually just friends running around drunk in the summer. But, I do like nude photos a lot. I find clothing to be some what of a distraction (not for the obvious reasons).
Maybe it's because I also do a bit of styling and fashion photography. I like to keep the two separate. I'd rather focus on the person's character or their actual body's form, rather than the clothes.

Pools or oceans?


A magazine you like to read, but consider a 'guilty pleasure'?


When you're 40, you will probably live in...

Hopefully somewhere warmer. I hate winter. It's beautiful, but it puts me in a shitty mood for 5 months. I really like some of the southern states, but I'd have to come back to Canada during the summer. I like it too much.

Paul Newman, Clark Gable or Cary Grant?

Can't decide.

Where are you heading to right know in photography?

I'd love to go somewhere. Or anywhere.

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