Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tove Bianca Edlund Dreiman

Tove Bianca Edlund Dreiman
Stockholm, Sweden

What's your major interest in art?

Set design. Plus illustration and painting.

Is there something or some aspect that you want to add to your body of work in future?

Set design!

You were on vacation recently. Where did you go and how was it?

I went with a couple of friends to an island in Croatia called Brac. We rented a house by the sea and just stayed there the whole time. It was the best! I took a lot of pictures.

Do you sometimes find that pictures show things differently than you remember them?

Sometimes they show things that I don't remember at all.

Is there something you are tired of seeing photos of?

Female nudes. Why are people still making them?

A lot of your pictures on flickr show candid situations. Is this something you enjoy looking at in other photographers' works, too?

Candid pictures can be amazing as well as arranged photos can be really magic. I like both. But the "real" thing touches me more.
The feeling of looking through a peek hole into somebody’s world makes it exciting.

What does a perfect 3-course-meal consist of for you?

The house owner we rented from in Croatia came over one day and made us fresh, grilled sardines with his homemade olive oil. It was one of the best dinners i ever had. No appetizer or dessert was necessary.

Everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle. Which one?


How long do you, in average, usually stay in a museum/gallery?

A few hours. But it depends on the size. I went to the Louvre for six hours and still didn't get to see everything.

How important is self-critique in art?

Very. Or else you might find yourself doing female nudes.

What is Stockholm like in summer?

Warm! All you do is go swimming and drink cold beer.

What is the cheesiest movie you can think of?

There are so many! But I’ll say Miss Secret Agent.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox?

I was a little disappointed when I saw it. But the animation work is really good. I like the cotton they used for smoke.

No nude females guaranteed. Be sure to to take a look at her work!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Maurizio Strippoli

Maurizio Strippoli
Milan, Italy
flickr website

When looking through your flickr for the first time, the lack of colour was what struck me the most. Is there a specific reason for this?

I like to use a palette a very soft and quiet palette of colours. I print photos by myself on cotton paper, giving a lot of care to colors and quality.

Also, you have almost no portraits, but rather seem to focus on motifs like quiet still lives. What is your interest in these?

Photography to me means instinct and the possibility of creating a close relationship with places and situations I come in contact with. I prefer everyday life as a subject rather than building up perfectly posed pictures. At the moment I don't make portraits.

How would you describe your artistic style yourself?

Conceptual, minimalist, landscape.

Is there one artist who in your opinion is being overrated by art critics?

No, I don't think so.

If you were to exhibit your current body of work, what could be the headline of your exhibition?

'Inside' could be ok, but also 'thresholds'.

Please explain the thoughts behind your project "Inside".

These are photos where a sort of threshold over which adresses the gaze of the viewer and enables him or her to enter the 'Inside' of the image.

Please tell us more about your projects.

The ‘Inside’ Projects are recent favourites of mine, and I think each represents a different direction my work can take.

What can and what can't money buy?

Unfortunately money can buy almost all.

Do you believe that success only comes by pursuing what one actually loves?

Success is a word that I don't like.

Your dream camera at the moment?

I would like to have a medium format camera

Summer is ...

... a long trip.

The work shown here is part of Maurizio's 'Inside' series. Be sure to take a look at his work!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Derek O'Donnell

Derek O'Donnell
Toronto, Canada
work in progress: website

On a first glance, portraits dominate on your flickr. Do you have a special interest in them?

Portraiture is most definitely my main interest. It's not special really, photographing people is just what I end up doing most of the time.

Most of the persons in those portraits seem to be friends of yours. Do you ever catch yourself directing them to act in a specific way for a photo?

I rarely give direction when I shoot. I mostly just let them do what they want and I fire away.

The advantages and disadvantages of black/white photography?

Advantages to black and white are you don't have to worry about color balance stuff, skin usually looks fine straight off the neg or immediately after converting the image. At least I usually find I am happy with how it looks. I find black and white can sometimes save an image as well, something that may not have been that great in color takes on a totally different feel when it's black and white. Disadvantages might be that the film can be expensive to purchase and process. Also sometimes when I have BW film in my camera I find myself wishing that I could be shooting in color half way through a 36 exposure roll.

Are there any "ingredients" with which a photo will most probably turn out well?

I think that depends on who is going to be viewing the image. Ingredients might exist if you know your audience and what they like to see.

Which camera(s) do you use predominantly? Which for which purposes?

I use a few cameras. A Canon 40D, Canon EOS Elan 7E (which might be my favorite), a Canon rebel XT, A film Canon Rebel, and most recently I picked up a Canon 5D. Some of my photos have also been shot on other peoples cameras. The film bodies are what I carry with me most of the time, my "walk arounds". I have this intense fear of my expensive gear being stolen, so its all usually at home and hidden. The digitals are used for shoots where I'm using lights, have set up a session with someone, or there is a goal in mind when I go out shooting. Now that my older digital bodies have depreciated maybe I'll start taking them out...maybe.

You also have various commercial photos on your website. Do you enjoy this field of photography or is it more of economic interest?

I really enjoy commercial photography. Especially when I shoot products. It is a nice change from shooting people. You have a lot of time to really perfect things. Shooting commercially is something I love as well as the best job I have ever had.

Is there any job you would accept at once and without any hesitations?

Shooting anything involving motorcycles.

Does the economic site of a photographers profession ever spoil one's artistic enthusiasm? If so, how can one overcome this?

Yes, it totally does. Sometimes when I shoot personal stuff digitally I end up shooting as if I was being paid. I find myself worrying more about the histogram rather than if I am actually happy with what I'm getting. When I shoot film I art out a bit more. I don't have that constant worry about the image living up to professional standards. I'm just concerned that the photo will look cool and make me happy. I'm not sure I answered that correctly but something in there might make sense.

How much truth would you say is in a photograph?

This depends on the photographer and the photo. Every photo I shoot digitally gets retouched. So in that sense the photo is a lie. People can also be misrepresented by a photograph. Doing something they wouldn't normally do, or looking a certain way they might not normally look. And then they are trapped like that forever.

One branch of photography you would like to experiment in more in future?

Interior architecture. It's totally insane.

Be sure to take a look at his work! Mark that his website represents a work in progress, and also entails different traits of Derek's work, such as commercial photography.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Bryant Eslava

Bryant Eslava
now: Mexico City
flickr website

By looking at your portfolio, am I correct in assuming that you're interested in fashion-related photography? If so, how did you get into it?

That's correct. Ever since I first started shooting, I was never into nature photography or party pictures at venues or anything like that.
I got into fashion photography, by asking friends at the time if they wanted to have a 'mini shoot', and they were always up for it. It's funny I actually have some photos in my flickr account from the begging that are 'hidden' and I'll never show anyone.

What would you say is the charm of a "faux-vintage" look in pictures?

The charm about a faux-vintage photo, is that it'll just keep looking more and more interesting and inspiring in so many ways, by coming back to it and never getting tired of being inspired by it.

When I looked through your pictures, I happened to listen to N.E.R.D. at the same time and I personally felt that these two fit perfectly. Is there any musical act that you'd combine to your work within a, say, exhibition?

That's awesome, N.E.R.D is good, I like!! But of course I do, I'm always listening to music and it has had a big impact on how my photos have turned out. Three great artist who've done a big impact on a lot of my work are: Tycho, Toro Y Moi and Washed Out. The link named 'Ambient' on my website explains it all and I feel that any photographer who enjoys shooting fashion could enjoy this music as well.
But yeah, I just like to sit in a dark room with my headphones on while bouncing my head to these chill wave/ambient artists while I'm editing.

Do you think that it is possible to really "read" photographs?

Yes, yes! Of course! I do think every single photo has a story behind it, especially if movement and color is going on.
Although I don't really know how to read some of the photos my mother took of me. When I was 4 years old at Chuck E. Cheese, she would attempt to take photos of me, but I could never really see my face... maybe it’s because she thought getting up close to me and having the flash over-exposed would make me look better? I have no idea.

You're in the process of moving to Mexico City. What's the best and worst thing in changing places?

My flight actually leaves today in a couple hours. I'm sitting on my bed with all my luggage sitting around me and waiting to say some goodbyes to family.
Well let's start off with worst thing first, since I'd like to save the best for last. The worst thing about leaving Los Angeles/Orange County is, I'll miss my family and my friends. Not just that, but the daily routine of driving down the same road to get to school and getting my film developed and everything else in between. I'm going to miss all the memories I've made with everyone I first started shooting with, and those who have made me who I am now.
The best thing about changing to places is that it's a whole new beginning and it's time to move on. My idea of becoming a photographer was to travel and take my work all over the place. I don't wanna bore myself by shooting the same people, and I feel like it's always good to be moving all over the world if you want to photograph fashion. We get older, we move on. Some of us get older and stay. Some of us get older and go.

Did you take some last pictures of the place you're leaving?

I've taken tons of pictures lately before leaving, and I'll be printing/framing those up in my new room.
I'll be posting more soon under '35mm/random' on my website. Oh and I'll be taking some at the airport or whatever catches my eye on the way there. I always seem to find airports really interesting to shoot at for some reason. If I see a group of people crying goodbyes I'll make sure I capture that and share it all with you.

Which editing software do you use?

Well I use Photoshop CS5 program. I believe every photographer who likes to do color corrections and knows how to use the tools deserves to have it. It's been very beneficial to me.

Dangers of using flash?

The dangers of flash are: never ever ever, get too close to someone or an object unless you like to have photos overexposed where you can't see anything... I've learned that from my first time doing it.

Would you say that being a photographer to some extend always involves being a violator of privacy?

It all depends on what type of photographer you are, but with fashion of course it requires tons of violation of others’ privacy.
It only happens to me while shooting on location though. I've been kicked out/yelled at by owners to get off property because of simply having the model stand in front of their walls. People will always be rude, but it all ends up being worth it in the end.

The best lunch dish in summer?

The best lunch dish for the summer... hmm I would have to say a 'Hollywood Bowl' from Native Foods. It's Ginger marinated and seared tofu spears over organic brown rice, steamed veggies, and organic greens in out tangy freshly roasted peanut sauce. Very filling and a really good dish for a vegan person, I love it. I'm going to miss not having Native Foods in Mexico.

A word you need to cross out of your vocabulary?

I was actually just talking about that yesterday! It would be the word 'like'.
Did you ever have to give some kind of small speech in your English class in high school, and your teacher would say "Try not to use the work like/um/uh, during the speech" and everyone would struggle? And catch themselves during the middle of the talk? Haha, it's just a word that makes someone’s vocab seem really poor.

A song that deserves more credit?

A song that deserves more credit would have to be “Thanks Vision” by Toro Y Moi, I think everyone should go and listen to it. I could have it on repeat and would never get sick of it.

Young, Fresh and New, be sure to take a look at his work.