Saturday, 3 September 2011

Simone Barbieri

Simone Barbieri
Milan, Italy

What do you find most challenging about photography?

I started to take photos more than 10 years ago. I'm obsessed with billboards, signs, and minimalism among other things. I like to landscape photography landscape, including urban landscapes. I enjoy giving an unusual view of the place and objects that I photograph. Further, I like to bring forward common things through my photography: I aspire to ‘report’ about things I encounter and I try to find ways of presenting my point of view perceiving them. But at the same time I try to pay attention to portraying objects within their own contexts, because I aim to be impartial and to not decontextualize them.

Do you have a camera with you at all times? And would you say that a 'serious' photographer actually should and would do that anyways?

I don't have my camera with me all the time. I don't think a 'serious' photographer has to have a camera with him or her at all times.

Who has been your biggest supporter for your aspirations and goals in photography?

A few years ago my older cousin supported my passion, and my family has always inspired me to engage in photography. Now my girlfriend is the biggest supporter of my passion.

Is there any photography job you would refuse to do, even if the pay was good?

Actually, I don't enjoy taking photographs of kids, sport or animals.

Which is the camera you shoot with the most often?

A D90 for digital shoots, a Canon AT1 and a Olympus Trip 35 for analogue shoots.

Are you actually interested in technical equipment or is this rather of secondary importance to you?

It can be important to have good equipment, but It is more important to follow your instincts and your point of view.

You live in Milan. Have you ever considered engaging in fashion photography?

I like fashion photography and I have been already worked with a fashion photographer, but I am not particularly interested in it.

Artists whose work you have been fascinated by?

I admire William Eggleston, Luigi Ghirri, Martin Parr, Nan Goldin, Jeff Wall, Andreas Gursky, Robert Frank.

Finally, what are you working on currently?

I am continuing my research of producing a ‘catalogue’ of landscapes.

Portraying perspectives. Take a look at his work!