Sunday, 26 September 2010

Riccardo Nava

Riccardo Nava
Monza, Italy

The work shown on your website is organized under what appear to be logical themes: the pictures quite explicitly refer to the name of the sets they belong to. Is simplicity something you aspire or what concept is behind all this?

I think that simplicity is the best way to show photography that doesn't need to be explained. I'm also working on other projects that aren’t online for now: my site is constantly being updated.

So what are you working on in your current projects?

I've many ideas and plans for the future, but for now it’s all secret...

What we're looking at here belongs to the set "food". What did you want to capture in this project?

The food set is an infinite project, it was born to capture the personalities of dinner tables and their particularities, which form suggestive images. I intended to explore the aesthetics of shapes, colours and other things on the tables.

As we're talking about food, which of the meals was actually the tastiest?

Honestly, I don't remember! The pictures are there to celebrate not the tastes, but really the personalities of the tables.

What kind of photography do you enjoy looking at yourself?

I often look at independent magazines or fanzines, but I don’t have a favourite genre.

Would you say that nowerdays it's necessary for artists to have a website of their work?

Yes, we can't live without the internet.

You live in Italy: is there a cliché about Italians you would like to see corrected? And which one is actually true?

I think it's very poor to classify a country with commonplaces, so the best way is to
appreciate person by person, because everyone is different.

What could be your ultimate goal in photography?

I'm a big fan of independent magazines, so I could imagine to work for one of these.

Straightforward and self-explanatory. Take a look at his work!

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