Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Lukasz Wierzbowski

Lukasz Wierzbowski
Wroclaw, Poland

What got you attracted to photography the most?

Ability to create my own little world of collected memories.

When looking through your gallery, it struck me how you reconcile saturated colours within diverse lighting conditions. Is the rendition of a rich palette of colours of prime importance to you?

It makes me more than happy to see all the intensive and juicy colours and using ISO 100 film with nice lightning usually helps me to get this effect.

The majority of your models are female. Would you be interested in working more with male models in future? How do you think could this change the sight of the pictures?

I have worked with male models on a few occasions but I feel that girls’ behaviours are more natural and spontaneous. Guys usually try to control themselves by hiding their real emotions while girls just go with the flow.

Body language seems to be a major theme in your work. What's your interest herein?

Movement of human body is a huge source of inspiration for me. All the tiny details, little expression... I'm truly fascinated by the nature of human body.

Advantages of natural over artificial light?

Natural light is simply magical while artificial light feels only like cheap substitute. Unfortunately winter is coming and I will have to get used to it….

What would you say are crucial elements for 'good' portraiture?

Good light and the right timing.

How long did youd longest and your shortest photo shoot take?

I don't usually plan my sessions in advance; that way every session is more unique. It can take an hour or the whole day. Sometimes it's even hard for me to tell when the actual sessions starts and when it ends…

Do you have a certain idea in mind before taking a picture or does it more often develop along with the shooting?

There are few projects that I'm currently working on. Lately I've been doing commissioned, more fashion oriented work. I would love to publish a new book in the near future as well.

The gift and the curse of photography?

It's highly addictive. I think it's both gift and curse.

Lucid, distinct, alive.  Take a look at his work!


Anonymous said...

Love the last photo.

Layla Jaglovs said...

an awesome collection of pictures. love them all.