Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Alexander Alekseenko

Alexander Alekseenko

My first impression, when looking at your flickr, was that you seem to be a "on-the-spot" photographer, ready to shoot whenever there is the opportunity. True?

I can think of few times when something was planned beforehand. My camera is near all the time and I take pictures of everything interesting to me.

In any way, there always seems to be a certain amount of spontaneity to the photographic medium. Would you say that this is part of why it is so popular in contemporary culture?

Contemporary art has no limits, it’s a chaos.

You explicitly write that, in your work, you do not crop or rework any of your photos. What's your interest herein?

Post processing seems a bit lazy thing to do for me. I try to work the final result on a stage of taking pictures, so I won’t need to work on it after film is developed and scanned. Basically I do all this in my mind when I take pictures.

Nudity, partly or fully, is an attractive theme in art. Do you agree? What do you like about it?

It always caught a lot of attention. For me, women’s body is a masterpiece and sometimes cloths ruin all the beauty.

Do you enjoy taking pictures of monuments and composing still lifes?

Anything catching my attention will be filmed, doesn’t matter what it will be.

Connected to this; I've often found that taking pictures of still objects can prove to be tricky, and that one runs the danger of producing almost „boring“ pictures. How would you go about avoiding this?

Well, I don’t think about possible boringness of the picture, basically I will not take one if it will not interest me. There is always something which is not accessible to others eye.

You've been featured a lot on the Internet. What would you say are the pros and cons about this?

It’s a pure pleasure to see your work somewhere, posted by people I don’t know, and realize that your pictures catch some ones attention. Every time I see a new publication it’s a push forward. I hope it will help me to pursue a photography career.

Have you already worked for an agency or a freelance job?

Not yet.

... and is there a specific kind of job or project you would really be interested in?

I look forward to move somewhere far away from where I live now to start working as a photographer. I would love to work for some magazine and/or shoot bands, lookbooks etc. These kinds of stuff I would like to get involved in.

Catching the inaccessible. Take a look at his work! 

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