Saturday, 24 August 2013

Bogdan Seredyak

Ukraine - NYC

As an artist, you not only engage in photography, but with design, traditional art and architecture as well. Which came first?

First came art. When I was younger and lived in Ukraine I went to an art school where I learned the basics of painting and sculpture. After moving to the US I applied to architecture schools. What I didn't know is that studying architecture would be taking most of my time because of the nature of the studies, so I couldn't devote myself to painting anymore. Photography then came to me almost naturally because it simply is a medium where I could continue to create, too, but faster than with painting.

And in photography, what are you looking for and what kind of projects would you like to work in, professionally and personally?

For my personal work, I’m leaning towards art photography. My upcoming work will concentrate on engaging in photography artistically. When it comes to professional work I prefer fashion editorials. Although, as long as it’s a project out of the ordinary, I'll be happy to be a part of it. 

What do you enjoy about fashion photography?

What really got me into Fashion Photography was the fashion itself. As a designer I appreciate all the creativity that goes into creating a certain look or collection. 

What do you mean when you say you want to push "the boundaries presented by the built environment"?

Today we are often presented with options that are not necessarily best or thought-through. These ‘boundaries’ can be represented by a ‘cut and paste’ suburban home that is for sale, the quality of food at the supermarket or just the ever repeating, same styles in art that we see in popular culture. I try to explore and challenge such and many other issues in my personal work. 

Is there any building or built structure that you admire for the architectural work behind it?

Lots and lots of them. Let me state the architects behind them: they include Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Lebbeus Woods, Morphosis Architects, SO-IL and LOT-EK.

Which do you find more difficult personally: designing architectural structures or shooting portraits?

That’s a tough question to answer. Both are challenging in their own ways. In order to create a good building, a lot of thought has to go into the elaboration of its design. With portraits it’s important to have a connection to the subject. I think that that’s the only way to get a sincere glimpse of who the person portrayed truly is. 

Would you say that studying a subject like visual arts enhances or diminishes one's own creativity?

I can't imagine it diminishing anything. When we learn something, it can only contribute to our cognitive awareness. 

And if you lack inspiration, how do you regain it?

I don't go looking for it in the first place. If I get inspired I act on it. Otherwise, if I need to continue working on a project, t I prefer to do it in an estranged environment. 

What are you working on currently?

I have a few upcoming art installations that I’m exited to start working on. The will reflect on today’s youth. But that’s all I can reveal for now. 

And what would be your dream project as an architect or designer?

The ideal project for me would be to be able to design and build my own house. 

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