Thursday, 19 February 2015

Michel Nguie


Is there somebody who has encouraged you to pursue photography? Or who has supported your excitement to become a photographer?

To be honest, in the beginning I didn't trust in it too much myself, photography was just an important pleasure I indulged in during my free time. But then I met several people who encouraged me to become a photographer and artist in my hometown: The CAPC's museum director, an art critic and other people still support me.

Have you studied photography?

No, it's all self-education.

Is there a technique or focus you currently pursue?

There was a time I concentrated on working with hyperfocal distance - without even knowing about it. One day someone told me about this technique and I realized that I was practicing it without 'understanding' what I was doing: I was acting on instinct. Currently and more generally, I identify with the style of gonzo-journalism, because if you think about it, I experience what I photograph: Even if you can't see me in the pictures, I'm still an integral part of my photos and of what they show.

How much time can you dedicate to photography on a regular day?

Sometimes, I take several pictures per day, sometimes not. It depends on my mood and the opportunities that are available.

Do you plan your photographs, or let your instincts lead you?

Mostly, I plan my trips and then I let my instincts lead me.

Which magazine’s - online or printed - photographic features do you appreciate the most?

I read a few magazines; I like Triangle Triangle.  Its slogan is "Look and look and look, and then look again, because nothing replaces looking."

For you, is taking pictures a way to express yourself or rather a form of documentation/recording?

Both, in part it's a way to express myself and to praise what I believe is the light of the world.  It also is a form of documenting and recording the latter in order to show it to everybody looking at the pictures.

Is there a singular art piece (regardless its medium) that has moved you emotionally?

Music in general allows me to experience a lot of emotions.

Where did you travel the last time you were abroad?

My last travel was a trip across Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. You can read about it here

And what is your favourite thing to do on weekends?

Going to church on Sunday mornings.

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