Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Evan Hawke

Evan Hawke
Los Angeles

What got you interested into photography?

I grew up in a family of photographers, 2 of my aunts, my uncle, and my grandpa, and they always encouraged me to take pictures. Also my parents used to take me to a ton of photography exhibits.

Do you have concrete future plan around photography or art?

I plan on studying photography at some college in CA or NY, but after that i'm not so sure.

What are you most likely to say/shout if you're very positively surprised about the way a picture came out to be?


Are you more of a novel, scientific books or magazine reader?

I either read books about treehouse design or photography picture books.

What is you preference: online or printed media?

Printed media.

Digital or traditional watch?

Traditional pocket watch.

What do you like about the fisheye lens especially?

hahhaa i just love how it distorts reality & how you can get so much more in the frame.

You could eat ... everyday for a month without getting bored.

Eel sushi.

Is there an artist who you think deserves way more attention?

No, not really.

Is time money?

Totz, You could be makin' bank instead of wasting time doing something stupid.

Is there somthing in fashion right now that you never really liked?

Platform shoes.

Who would you like to go on a photoshoot with?


You have some pictures of your friends, do they engage in photography, too?

Some do, but they aren't so good. hahah

Liking to look forward to the coming seasons, whats the best cooling drink in summer?

Lemonade. mah favv drnkk.

15 years old. Eel sushi, not so much. Checking out his flickr, yes. Be sure to take a look!

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