Thursday, 4 March 2010

T. Reilly Hodgson

Can you give an introduction to your "All Kinds of Danger" zine?

All Kinds of Danger was a small zine I made in 2007. In 2005-06 I sang in a hardcore band, so the zine is sort of a photo journal from 2 of the small tours we did. It was a really fun part of my life. I ended up giving most of the copies away to friends and band mates so I wanted to share it online with the people who missed out on the real thing.

Why was the latest zine of Blood of the Young named "Exteens"?

Exteens is a photobook I put together with Dimitri Karakostas, Dave Geeting, and Hannah Myall. We are all in our early 20s and I feel that the work we put together shows a collective feeling of awkwardness towards growing up. That's not actually Blood of the Young's latest issue though. We just threw a release party last weekend for our 1st anniversary issue. We put together a small black and white journal of some of our favourite submissions from the past year. Molested Youth, Mature Situations, and Pissed to the Eye played, everyone was shirtless, sweaty, and going wild. Such a great time. We made 100 zines and you should be able to get one on the Blood of the Young site sometime soon if you want.

On Blood of the Young Zine you guys cover different kinds of arts, do you have a personal favourite?

I don't think I do. I would be very bored and uninspired if all I did was look at and take photos. I grew up on skateboard graphics and graffiti and have studied fine art so it's all fair game in my books.

Would you say it's easy or rather difficult to describe what one likes in a photograph?

I'd like to say that it should be easy, but I'll admit to having a folder of images that I can't explain to myself yet.

What about your street project. How did you come up with it?

I have been living back in my home town for just over a year now since moving back from Vancouver. It's been a really odd experience and when I saw the billboard wasn't being used on our main road I thought I might use it to say Hello in one way or another. I have been working on the street in one way or another for a very long time so to do an installation like that comes very naturally to me. I put it up on a Sunday afternoon with a ladder and a good friend of mine. Most of the prints are still there.

You may ressurect one dead person to do an interview with. Who will it be? What would probably be your first question?

I would probably resurrect GG Allin. I'm not sure I'd have time to ask him any questions though because Zombie GG Allin would probably be a really pissed off guy.

Which online zines do you like?

To be honest the last one I looked at was Romka's new issue. I have been getting a lot of really, really great stuff in my mailbox to review on Blood of the Young lately so I'm putting most of my attention to things I can hold in my hands.

When you're 60 years old you will ...

Be able to tell a lot of great stories. I hope.

What was the occasion?

This was taken at a house party 2 winters ago. It was freezing outside and so it was literally the most packed house I have ever seen in my life, shoulder to shoulder with teenagers basement to 2nd floor. This wave of kids is watching my friends' punk band play in the living room. I also took that photo of the kids making out this party. It ended up with cops storming in through all the doors and getting shut down so we went to the bar.

Your favourite sandwich?

Two slices of pepperoni pizza.

It's fun, it's art, it's life, so be sure to check out his work and, of course if you haven't already done so, go to Blood of the Young Zine.

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