Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Samantha Cardow

Samantha Cardow
Ottawa Canada

Is there something/someone you tried photographing so often you almost might make an album of these pictures?

I seem to always photograph the same people because they’re my friends or family. My friend Denise and my boyfriend Seb appear the most in my photos though. I probably could do a whole set of either one of them since they both photograph nicely.

In your pictures you play a lot with light. What's your interest herein?

Light is just something that appeals to me in general whether it’s in pictures or the lamps in my apartment. I guess I’m just drawn to the patterns it makes and it’s really easy to manipulate. Natural elements like light, wind, and water make photos more interesting and light especially makes them more surreal and soft. At around 6 o’clock when the sun starts to set it’s magic hour in my apartment because the sun starts to shine through my stained glass windows. It’s a good time to read or listen to music.

If you have watched it: how did you like the idea of Nino collecting all those picture pieces and putting them together in an album in "Amelié"?

I loved it! It’s really interesting to have personal photos of people you don’t exactly know. I can understand why he wanted it back so badly because you spend all that time forming a collection and you start to develop emotional attachments to it. I have old photos of people and families that I have never met that I have collected from flea markets and etsy. I don’t understand how people can just get rid of things like that since it’s a part of your history.

Do you remember your thoughts while taking a picture when you look at it even after years?

I don’t really have any thoughts about it while I’m actually taking a picture besides something like “Hopefully my film turns out”. I mostly feel things like excitement and usually the ones I feel excited about while I’m actually taking it turn out the best. It’s probably because the photos of mine I like the most are more spur of the moment than thought out.

Would you say that photography is so precious to so many people because of its memory potential or rather because of the artistic value it attaches to everyday life?

It really depends who you talk to. People who consider themselves a photographer probably feel deeply for it because it’s a creative outlet but there are also mothers who have their cameras so they can remember every moment of their family’s life. For me, I love it because it’s a way to document my life in a stylized way. So I get the best of both worlds.

I've heard friends say this a lot, so I will just ask you: do you ever feel "naked" without your camera?

I don't necessarily feel naked without my camera. I'm not one of those people who bring it everywhere all the time. I do however feel regret when I don't have it and I'm out with friends and the light is just right or there's something I want to document. I probably should bring my camera more places with me.

If you could choose one art piece for your own home, which one would it probably be?

If I could choose one piece right now I would really love to get my hands on one of these Andy Warhol polaroids that are going up for auction. I think I would want one of his self-portraits. They’re really interesting and very personal.

Do you like traditional art with pictures, e.g. drawing and painting on or making collages with them, or do you prefer to see them in their "natural way" as the pictures they were made from the beginning?

I make collages in frames with my photos but that’s pretty much it. I usually just like how they look on their own.

Is there one dish/meal you'd love to be able to prepare yourself but haven't succeeded yet?

Yes, eggplant is my biggest downfall. I can never cook it properly. It's either rubbery and bitter or burnt and shriveled up. Either way, it's never pretty and I’m too insecure to cook with it. It’s such a shame because I love eggplant in everything. Also making good curry dishes is really hard for me.

Is chivalry dead?

Well, the pessimist in me wants to say yes but fortunately I’ve lucked out. I hope everyone can find a little chivalry in his or her life at some point because a little bit is left out there.

What was your cheesiest date so far? Did you enjoy it?

I haven’t really gone on many dates. Is that bad? Usually anyone who I have dated, it just sort of happens. There is no original date that sets off the relationship. I will already have an established relationship with someone before I actually go out with him to dinner or a movie. I guess the cheesiest though would have been when I was younger before anyone would have their driver’s license and our parents would have to drop us off and then pick us up. At the time I guess would have enjoyed them.

What's easier to memorize: numbers or names?

Names! I can't ever remember numbers. I think it’s more polite to remember names anyway.

A name you would never give your children?

Well I like simple names like Margaret or Eli. I don’t think I would ever have a child with 5 middle names or a name that’s more along the lines of an object.

Lights! Be sure to check out her work.

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