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Alessandra Gerevini

Alessandra Gerevini
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What were your thoughts behind the project ".Coralli"?

I've thought to play with the red bag which was used to packing christmas' gifts. To join a naked body to a very old wall paper, decorating it with ancient pictures of my grandparents.
Then I became interested in the use of red. Red the bag, red stripes of the pillow, my red nails. "Coralli" means corals. Little red spots adorning ocean bottoms.

The polaroid series was one of my favourites on your website. When and where were these taken?

My polaroids were taken in the last 2 years, above all. First ones are the last taken, mainly in Cremona with a sx-70. Selfportraits were taken with my 636 close-up polaroid camera. Older ones with a 600 landscape camera. Square ones were taken in Turkey in 2008.

Why do you think does it sometimes happen that it doesn't work if one tries very hard to take a picture one has already imagined in one's mind?

Life is different from imagination. I prefer to represent what I see, reality and ordinary life are my inspiration. I don't want to recreate an idea, but to express a feeling by using what is surrounding me.

Would you say that spontaneity always plays a part in photography?


What would you say is the difficulty in making a movie adaptation of a novel?

A Novel gives room to imagination. Making a movie adaption means chosing one of the possible interpretations.

Travelling is part of education. Do you agree?

I agree absolutely. Travelling is the best way to get to know this world and who's living in it.

What do you enjoy more: picnics or barbecues?

Bbqs are taken with friends. Picnics with the one(s) we love.

Is there a place you plan to live when you're old?

In a little, colourful house in the north of Europe, maybe Norway or Finland, Canada is also ok, even if it's not in Europe.

Do you have a muse for your photographic work?

My muse is my life.

Do you have a favourite author?

Not one. Marquèz, Hemingway, Salinger, Ballard, Quasimodo, Vargas, ...

What was the best part of school for you?

The funny part. Bad exams and difficult moments that now make me smile...

Inspirational. Take a look at her website and blog!

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