Saturday, 14 August 2010

Adolf Strah

Adolf Strah
- or Christina -

A little bit more about you?

I was born and live in Russia, where people are harsh and have a special mentality. This is a beautiful country, but still, sometimes I want to take a broom and fly on it into space. So I always want to find an adventure and escape from social life. And it is the most beautiful thing to me when my friends and I succeed in this. For me, my photography is like a documentary film about the life of my friends’ and my life! Each photo carries a little story! So when I'm old and one day will start to look through these photos I will die from heart failure and happy with a smile! My camera is my best friend.

What do you love most about Russia?

In Russia, I love the feeling that I'm home. There is freedom. Not everything is perfect, but as they say 'well, where we do not know'!

Have you ever thought of travelling through the whole country by train?

On the train I'd like to get to know the whole world, or maybe more preferably in a light aircraft for two... But surely I would not only like to travel in Russia! It’s certainly a beautiful country, but there are some other interesting places on earth, too.

Which camera(s) do you use?

Now I photograph with a very old soap-box Samsung. It’s convenient and practical.

What else would you be interested in photographing?

Generally I’m in for anything. I would like to photograph underwater life.

The best music video in your opinion?

I don’t even know ... everyone's favorite bands have often their favorite clips. In music I do not dwell on one thing. It is so difficult for me to highlight the "best". Everything is beautiful in its own way!

Some spirit. Be sure to take a look at her flickr!

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Indie.Tea said...

What a striking and lovely collection of images. So diverse, each so different.