Monday, 9 August 2010

Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans
Brooklyn, New York

Is Brooklyn inspiring?

Definitely an inspiring place. Surrounded by great music, creative friends, and plenty of coffeeshops. But really, some of my favorite photographs were taken when I was venturing OUTSIDE of Brooklyn.

A majority of your pictures on flickr are medium format. What do you like specifically about this format?

Easy. Clean. But captures the moment exactly how I want to remember it.

What distinguishes an "artist" from a "tourist photographer"?

Hm, good question. I’m not really sure actually. I could say that a tourist documents a trip to capture the memory and as proof of the adventure...but then again doesnt every 'artist' do that same thing with their photographs?

If I am not mistaken, you also design jewellery. How did this come about? Where can one buy these?

Yes, I do also design jewelry. Im actually right in the middle of launching the FW10 line of EVIE! Currently people can shop EVIE on etsy and I’m in talks with a couple of shops in Brooklyn and one in LA.

What is the story behind the Photo-Shoot pictures series?

All of the 'photo-shootin' photos are outtakes/observations when I’m on set during photoshoots for work (I’m an art director/designer).

I take that you're interested in fashion personally, too. Is there a magazine/webiste/blog... you would recommend?

Oh my, I spend too much time/money at magazine stands. My Reccos: 'I LOVE YOU', 'APARTMENTO', 'DOSSIER', and 'FUTURE CLAW' just to name a few. I often review fashion mags on my site as well (just to completely plug my own site, ha).

What is the best part about fashion photography?

It’s layered creative. One layer being the fashion itself. Then layered onto that is the how the photo of that piece is taken. Then it can be finished off with that photo being laid out in the context of, lets say, a magazine. I like that it’s gone through filters, sometimes filtered many people. Collaborative creation.

A lot of my friends love photographing their meals in a before-after fashion almost like souvenirs when we go out. Having seen similar images on your flickr: why did you take them?

I have a couple of food photos in my flickr. They happen to document particularly good memories with my boyfriend: sleeping in then getting late afternoon waffles, his pride in cooking me breakfast in bed...etc.

Where would you move to if you were to leave Brooklyn?

Played around with the idea of moving upstate, like an hour or two outside of the city. My boyfriend and I have plans for german shepherds. And currently our Brooklyn apts cant handle big beasts like that. But who knows.

What is your favourite means of travel?

Train. Easy question. Next.

Your preference: traditional or digital art?

Both. Things I always have in my bag: a sketchbook and a jumpdrive. Drawing, painting, sculpting...all that hands on stuff is SO important for expressing yourself in the rawest form. HOWEVER, its important to accept and appreciate what technology allows...organizing files, consistency, immediacy, etc. Of course I don’t condone overly digitally-manipulated photos, or being techy for techy's sake...but at the same time a personal pet peeve of mine is when people immediately dismiss art if it’s in any way digital.

Emails/messaging or handwritten notes/letters?

Handwritten for sure. Who doesnt love getting a surprise in the mailbox? It's important to make time to send notes to people close to you.

Finally please describe art in a few words.

Wow, this is really a hard one. Art is full of contradictions: it’s immediate and longterm, it’s bold and soft, its personal and public, its easy and its hard. (that list really could go on and on and on)

Go out and create something. Be sure to take a look at her photography, and maybe take some time to browse on her other sites, too.

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