Friday, 1 July 2011

Alison Withers

Alison Withers
Copenhagen, Denmark
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What led you to move to Copenhagen?

I got hooked on a Danish boy.

Has your 'artistic' eye or interest changed due to this biographical change?

Sure, it's more nuanced. My photos were blunt to begin with. I lived on the west coast of Canada, and aimed my lens at big landscapes. Urban routine in Copenhagen doesn't boast the same sort of natural 'mouth-agape' splendor, so I've learned to notice smaller things, the details.

You seem to be keen on both outdoor and indoor settings and more specifically appear to have a distinct interest in portraying different lighting situations. Would you say that light constitutes one of the most important elements/motives in your photography?

I don't use flash; I don’t have one. So technically light and available light dictates everything. I'm intrigued with coziness - or hygge, a staple of Danish culture. My photos are very simplistic; I try to preserve feelings in a given space.

Do you ever feel uncomfortable photographing people on the streets?

Can't you tell? I really admire photographers who can do this with ease. Then again, I find it pretty rude when people take my photo without asking. That sentiment doesn't translate well into making myself a stealth street photographer, and I'm too shy to ask for permission.

What defines 'artistic freedom' to you?

Free of money woes or financial strings.

Is there a recent album cover or art that you have liked a lot? 

The Tallest Man on Earth picks these photos for his covers that are both humble and striking. They complement his music well.

Connected to this: how important are cover illustrations for music albums or books? 

Hugely important. Have you ever picked up another edition/translation of a well-liked book to notice the cover (and font) are illustrated/designed differently? That always throws me off. It shocks my understanding of the characters or theme to the story. 

Finally, which Canadian dish do you miss the most? 

Barbequed sockeye salmon.

Hygge and details. Take a look at her work!

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