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Sara Peixoto

Sara Peixoto
Guimarães, Porto, Portugal


At what point did photography enter your life?

Well, I think that photography entered my life in a really spontaneous way. It happened when I went for college to study architecture that it became my main influence, because image plays an important role in this area of study. Since then, my interest in photography started increasing highly. I was always exploring and experimenting some cool shots and trying to express myself through my photographs in some way. Then someday, on happy day, I bought my first rangefinder camera and it was then that my deep love for analogue photography was born.

Have you ever felt frustrated or disinterested so you played with thoughts of stopping to pursue photography?

No. I can't say that I have ever felt frustrated, I was not even ever so disinterested that it could somehow have influenced my pursuit in photography. There are so many talented photographers emerging everyday in this world. I guess it is just natural if at some point, after seeing such beautiful photographs, I feel just like a tiny girl with her simple photographs, trying to do her best. When that happens, I just try to take the best out of it, let them inspire me and help me in my growing process as a photographer.

There's a certain romantic and dreamy notion to your recent pictures. What is your interest herein?

I love looking at a photograph and feel completely absorbed by it. I tend to create the whole moment that is behind the image in my mind; as if it was a movie still that someone had the desire to eternalize. I wander about the whole that is portrayed, the atmosphere, the beauty of that place, and the essence of that person, the meaning of that particular moment in someone's life. I do have a very romantic way of looking at photography and all I do is try sharing this through my photographs. This is the case for especially the recent ones. I try to make people look and wander about the moments that are behind the images, to see the beauty of who and what takes part in my life, just exactly in the same way that I do.

You also seem to enjoy playing with body language. Are there certain narratives you have in the back of your mind while doing so?

Not really, but I have been exploring it more and more, trying different expressions with different people. In my recent shots it just came in a natural way... I'm lucky to have such a very expressive friends, especially my girlfriends.

Sometimes artists seem to be desperate in trying to embed in-depth messages and meanings in their works. Have you ever observed this, too? If so, what's your position regarding this "phenomenon"?

I think that a photograph can fully embed a meaningful message if created in a natural and true way. In a forced way, I guess it just looses all that power to communicate ‘its message’ to whoever looking at it. I think it has to do with the sensibility on both sides, too. The photographer has to be sensitive and true about what he or she wants to communicate and the viewer needs to be able to read and apprehend it. Subjectivity plays a big role.

And can art even be superficial? If so, does this have to be something bad?

Yes, I think so, but I'm not sure if it's good or bad. We live in a highly superficial world and in some cases art needs to follow superficial ways to express itself effectively. Superficiality has a huge power to captivate and to move the majority of the societies of our world.

What are you working on currently?

I'm currently finishing my master's degree in architecture. I intend to attend some photography classes so I can increase my knowledge and photography skills, mainly in analogue photography. I am dreaming of having my own studio, working on architecture and design, with a little gallery and a lab where I can develop my own films. Yes, I'm a full time dreamer.

A lot of my friends have been telling me that the beginning of spring has energized them. Does your motivation ever change with the seasons?

Oh a lot! I really love the neutral seasons, so spring and autumn are my favourite ones. It's amazing how these seasons can provide us with such a diversity of atmospheres on a single day. Ironically, these are the seasons that influence my emotional side the most and then I tend to feel more unstable. But, at the same time, they're also the ones that inspire me the most. Yes, I guess I’m just one of those complex human beings.

Finally, it’s summer right now: what's your favourite ice cream (flavour)?

Chocolate! I can't resist a huge yummy chocolate ice cream.

Repeating memories through visual art. Take a look at her work!

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