Sunday, 28 August 2011

Cristina Altieri

Cristina Altieri
Milan, Italy

When looking through your latest projects, it seems that you are fascinated with the female body. What do you find most aesthetic about it?

I don’t think that it’s a matter of aesthetics. My point of view starts from a more intimate approach. I try to create a connection between my inner world and those of the people I portray, so that they can recognize themselves through my eyes and - at the same time - I can satisfy my need of expressing what I feel. I try to capture the story of an emotion in a particular instant. Bodies became a sort of shell of a more spiritual side of us, which needs to be seen through in order to find the essence beyond the appearance. It’s easier for me to do it with girls because their feelings are so familiar and well-known to me.

Do you have any plans or projects in mind involving male models? If so, what are you thinking of?

I’m thinking about it very often lately. I’m very fascinated by the ‘male universe’. Because, to me, it’s like a land to explore anew every time I meet someone new. It never stops to surprise me. So I’m planning to take some pictures that will show what I see in them, and not what I feel through them.

On a theoretical basis: are you more interested in embedding symbols and messages into your work, or do you want to portray things and people 'as they are'?

First one. But it’s not a choice. It’s just my way. Even if, as I told in the previous answer, I’m going to try to experience something different.

Where do you think does your interest in photography or visual arts in general come from?

It comes from my research of answers and consciousness first - and from a need to manage all the light and the darkness that surround me as well.

And are there any other art forms that you are engaging in?

Music. I can’t live without it.

If you could choose a gallery or simply a place (this could be anywhere!) for your first exhibition, where would it be and why?

I’ve already had the chance to arrange a personal exhibition in Bologna. But on a theoretical basis I’d love to have the next one in Milano. Everything has started from here and with the people there. It would be my way to say thanks.

When you're working, do you follow emotional or rational choices more often?

Rational ones until that moment when I look through the lens. From that moment on, it’s not easy to explain, but I start to look at things differently and it is completely emotional.

Would you label your engagement in photography as 'work' at all? If not, how do you see it?

Not at all. At the moment photography is my great escape.

As far as I am concerned, good food makes the world go round. Do you enjoy going to restaurant serving elegant, small portions of delicatessen, or do you prefer restaurants with good tasting food of proper portions?

I prefer quality to quantity. This is one of the major leitmotifs in my life.

What is time to you?

A Gift.

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