Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Elena Ayllon

Elena Ayllon
Madrid, Spain

At what age did you start taking photographs? What lit your interest back then?

I started to think about photography when I discovered that life seems more beautiful when I look through my camera.

Nature and outdoor photography seems to be one of your major interests. What is it that you like particularly about these themes?

There are so many colours out there…

You have a portrait series called "New Generation". What is the idea behind this project?

I like freethinkers; the “New Generation” comes from the idea of a new youth, strong and full of culture.

Also, is there any particular reason you decided to shoot the portraits in black and white?

I just really felt it that way in that moment.

Although you have a particular set that is titled "Les reveurs", I felt that much of your work embodies a certain notion of dreaminess. Would you agree?

Life should be full of “reveurs”.

How did the connection of Tokyo and Madrid come into place?

I spent all my childhood in Tokyo and grew up as an adult in Madrid.

Would you say that being connected to two different cities shows in your artistic work?

I have a Japanese heart but a European vision.

When summer ends, do you mostly feel sad or ready for a new beginning/season?

I love the changing of the seasons, I always feel ready for a new beginning.

Dreaming through the lens. Take a look at her work!

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