Tuesday, 17 January 2012

John Kilar

John Kilar
Venice, CA


What do you love about art, what do you hate about it?

I love the fact that it helps us unite and gives us the chance to express ourselves creatively via different mediums. It’s a tool for the collective consciousness to share what we're capable of creating. I don't hate anything about it. In fact I don't hate anything, period. I believe that hate is a mere choice and I tend to consciously align with frequencies that serve a higher path.

And why take photographs?

Photographs help me remember and re-live the moments I've cherished more efficiently.

You have some wild images in between your body of work. Where were the majority of your pictures taken?

All over. But mainly in California. My body of work is a documentation of all my travels and adventures and everything in between.

So at some point, one also gets the impression that you seek to take in the exceptional with your camera. Would you agree?

Sure. I try to capture anything that I find to be visually intriguing. The outcome varies.

Is it easy for you to detect where you draw your inspiration from?

It comes naturally but I get most inspired when I create new realities and experiences for myself.

Without any attempt to judge, why would you say do so many people now have the urge to be regarded as 'creative'?

It's difficult to talk in behalf of others and their intentions. I'm guessing it boils down to acceptance and insecurity.

You pick up a freshly developed film, where do you take a first look at the pictures?

In my kitchen, most of the time. I don't get physical prints when I get my film developed, just a CD. So I view them on my laptop.

And what do you drink to that?

Coconut water.

 Wild child photography, take a look at his work.

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