Monday, 9 January 2012

Tata Vislevskaya

Tata Vislevskaya

Moscow, Russia

What would you say has been inspiring you the most in your artistic work recently: people or places?

Wild places. I dream of the edge of the earth, of islands and countries. People are certainly of interest, but only as a part of those places. Besides, I need complete privacy for taking photographs successfully. Nevertheless, I think I could take shots of people, too, when I’m very inspired by them!

Do you like to talk about art and art pieces, or do you prefer to quietly observe and/or appreciate art?

Most of the time I appreciate art quietly. I don’t like vacuous talks about art and searches for meanings in art. Moreover, I’m even afraid of people who love this kind of talk: it takes away the time one could spend actively engaging in art. In my opinion, one can understand silently. Not everything needs to be discussed, not all things should have a clear and intelligible meaning. There's also just pure emotion.

Is there somebody you discuss your own work with?

Yes, I talk to certain people about my art.

Is there an art form - be it music, dance, painting ... - that you have always wanted to 'learn' professionally, but haven't had the opportunity to yet?

Yes: directing movies. I’m going to learn it.

When was the last time you were very excited and enthusiastic about photography? What was the occasion?

Actually, that occurs constantly. This happened the very last time in late autumn, on a trip to the place I spent my childhood in. When you leave a place being 10 years old, and go back to it when you're 25, something strange happens. A lot of impressions stick to the mind. The old abandoned house. The same old road. The trail. The forest. The water tower… In autumn I was drawing pictures of my summer adventures. It really was like a family idyll. And the camera was guiding me.

How much 'talent' does one need to pursue a certain art form?

I don’t believe in talent, I believe in predestination, leading to the road, which belongs to only you. To me, it is about the heart-warming feeling of anticipation. Talent can dissolve in a daily life. In this way you can create everything you want, but nobody will have to guarantee you to get a final prize.

Do you have a preferred way or technique for taking or developing pictures?

I have a favourite photo camera – the Hasselblad - and a favourite film. When you know your instruments, you know everything. I haven’t stock techniques, this process usually takes place spontaneously. The most important things for me are to feel the object and to catch a ‘wave’ of inspiration: then I can shoot 5 entire films. Of course, colour and light are very important, too.

Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to drop being a photographer altogether?

I have never decided to become a photographer, so I can’t abandon it. My photographs are echoes of the problems that concern me. For me, this is a very good way to achieve goals and to do this consciously. But there are no rules to that: today I see photography in this function for me, but who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Are you working on any projects right now?

Currently I’m working on the international project «FOREST», my first photo book and another new environmental project. I would like to focus my attention on the problems of animals.

And finally, is there a site or gallery you consider a must-see?

I highly recommend people to take a look at this site.

Relating to nature. Take a look at her work!


Chris said...

Love the tones of your images, these are stunning! Very good eye

Anonymous said...

Such a great talent she has! It's pure magic.