Thursday, 8 November 2012

milkwithtea magazine

A magazine by milkwithtea? 

Some of you might remember that plan, which was supposed to result in a zine this past summer... but didn't. Not yet at least. Let me blame it all on the fancy little detail - or prejudice? - that delays seem to be very en vogue in the publishing business. This is no excuse, of course. 

But that zine really is just waiting to be published. At the same time, I would love to use this extra time that this process will take, to include more artists into the very first photo zine by milkwithtea. 

Are you interested? Then send in 1-3 pictures to along with your contact details. 

Looking forward to your submissions!

ps. Those who have submitted and to whom I have replied already, you will be included in the zine, of course. In case I did not get back to you I will do that soon.

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