Friday, 13 November 2009

Raquel Fialho

Raquel Fialho
Lisbon, Portugal
scents, moments and seasons

A brief interview with Raquel:

Your favourite place to be in summer?

I love the beach and the country a lot. Normally I do some road trips with friends, sleep at the beach, see the whole world upon me and all those stars only summer can bring, get up when the sun rises... I love that summer feeling. In late summer, I do a retreat to the country, ride my bicycle as fast as I can and it feels so nice!

What's the best setting for a natural portrait?

Feel comfortable with the person, natural light.

You go on a vacation to Hawaii. Which cameras do you take with you? Would your selection differ if you were going to Paris?

To a destination like Hawaii, I would take my lc-a+ with the krab of course. Maybe just one camera. (Which is very rare in my trips, but I do not plan on going to Hawaii that soon ahah) To Paris I would definitely take more cameras, both 35 and 120mm, automatic, slr's and polaroids.

120 or 35 mm? Which one for what?

35mm for still life, 120 for more planned photos. But sometimes it does not happen that way, I just go out with both and then I decide at that moment with which camera I want to photograph.

Whose portraits are those?

I don't know, they are in a cozy café I use to go called vertigo with a vintage style. I love to go there and drink some tea.

Do you ever feel the urge to photograph one item with several different cameras?

Sure. Ahah I do that most of the times, because I always have different film, and each camera and lens is unique.

For an event like, let's say, a wedding, would you prefer video documentation, lots of photographs or simply images in your head? Or all of them?

Lots of simple images :)

What do you think of digital photoframes?

I don't like digital photography, I have to use it for work unfortunately. I still think that digital could never reach analog photography in so many ways.

What is photography to you personally?

It has become a part of my life. I need to capture every moment and every single detail.

What other art forms do you like and would like to experiment with yourself, but haven't had the chance to yet?

Video. I've tried it before my love for photography appeared, most in skateboarding but then I began taking photographs only. I really want to buy a video camera soon. There are some things that I consider essential in life like sound and music that my cameras could not capture yet :p

Raquel's flickr is a wonderful selection featuring unique colours from all those seasons you rather feel than see. Be sure to visit the gallery!

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