Sunday, 22 November 2009

Regina Zmuidzinas

Regina Zmuidzinas
Pasadena, CA, USA
pictures have sounds

I had the chance to ask Regina a couple of questions:

Your first camera?

It was a semi-small canon point and shoot.

The worst nightmare of a photographer?

When you have to photograph a bunch of people or even just one person and you can't figure out how to deal with the lighting.

Who are they?

They are Amir and Sooraj, two of my best friends.

It seems that you really like M.I.A. Yes?

Really? Haha I guess I had an M.I.A. phase and titled a bunch of my pictures with song lyrics that were stuck in my head. Now I'm pretty into Jay-Z and Kid Cudi.

Why would you want to be an octopus?

The octopus is one of the smartest animals, actually. They don't have any type of internal or external skeleton; they're completely squishy. And come on, how cool/productive would it be to have eight legs?

Which artist do you admire the most?

I recently went to the Guggenheim in New York and was really inspired by Kandiski's work, so he's probably my no. 1 right now.

If you would ever get the chance to produce a motion picture, what/which genre would it be?

A ridiculously bad chick flick. Or something along the lines of King Kong. Haha.

You seem to prefer film. What would convince you to work with digital, too?

I preferred film when I didn't have a digital camera...but I finally got a new one and now I'm in love!! But film is pretty great too, I love the surprise when you pick up a roll and don't know what's on it. In a way, it's more rewarding than digital.

If you would combine another art form with photography within a project, which one would it be? I have to choose just one? Whatever inspires me at the moment! I love mixed media and making collages using whatever is around.

Her gallery is packed with charming (colour) surprises, be sure to visit her flickr!

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