Monday, 2 November 2009

Patrick Kuhre

Patrick Kuhre
Salt Lake City, Utah
your world of wonders

What did Joe do to the chicken?

Joe is an ardent vegetarian; he probably just tossed it aside. The chicken is doing well.

What about Eric Wright?

Eric Wright, more commonly known as Eazy E from NWA is a very extreme figure in my mind. As a young boy in the 90’s, he seemed an almost holy, infamous warrior hailing from some strange, perplexing culture that I’ve never known, and never will. With that, I must say, I’m interested in circumstances that contain elements of nearly total, absolute contradiction, which is exactly what this is. Taking two, both very extreme subjects, and somehow uniting them in myth or legend. The idea means to imply some sort of fantastical mishap in which Eazy E manages to cause some considerable damage in a distant, perhaps mystical kingdom. The arctic wolf is sent as a masterful assassin to seek revenge for his kingdom. Most importantly, it’s meant as a joke. It’s very funny, and especially stupid. Such things would never realistically be considered for serious or popular literature; which is why I like the idea. It’s not at all healthy for artists to adhere to established and preceding traditions, and I hope that is apparent in my photographs.

Who are all those kids?

They’re mischievous Mormon teenagers. Kids in the neighborhood where I shot those photos like to gather around a certain strip mall/ grocery store and mess around. It’s a strangely versatile location. I didn’t know them, but we all had mutual acquaintances. I’m in a constant search for bygone reminders of my childhood. I used to be a little prep jock like them. So it was quite a beautiful incident for me. I noticed some peculiar antics arise in response to my presence. Things that my younger self would have likely done if approached by an older homie with a camera. I tried my best to document them.

If you got the choice: one DSLR or a huge package from Lomography?

It depends, I don’t like either of them aesthetically, and it depends on what came from Lomography. If it were favorable, I would choose that. But if it was just a load of goofy shit, I’d choose the DSLR; use it for practical reasons; dogs, family, certain projects, etc. Never would I use digital in the same way I use film; my art would die.

Would you consider living in the woods?

I’m glad you asked this. The answer is yes. I have a profound affinity for nature. But I was raised a materialist, an element that is becoming increasingly difficult to extinguish. Living in the woods, for me, would require a serious rejection of material being. But beside that, it is very possible, and maybe inevitable.

What is going on here?

That is a mechanical gorilla on a ride at a theme park. Again, another attempt to rekindle old nostalgia’s. I seek to explore those dormant, youthful terrors that taunt our child selves. This was one. It horrified me as a boy.

What made you start taking photographs in the first place?

I started over four years ago. Very quickly it became an obsession, I realized I was tortured by the grief of watching beautiful images escape my camera. So I decided to carry one everywhere. In high school I took pictures of fights and sticks and bones and shit. In the beginning I was slowly discovering my photographic vision, taking inspiration from everywhere, then eventually I began to hone my skill. Which I think is really an endless process, but at a certain point, ones’ craft really must start to mature. I’m still working.

It seems that you have been travelling through Europe in 2009. What has been most remarkable to you?

The pulse of different lands and peoples was to me, a revelation. It only made my return that more breathtaking. I returned home, and for once in my life felt a dear affinity for my country. I felt, in a way, patriotic. That was really a surprise. I learned to love my people with great compassion and concern; it was very powerful.

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