Monday, 22 February 2010

Joe Coleman

Joe Coleman

Do you engage in photography in your free time or is it also part of your studies/work?

Only in my free time, which I've had a lot of up until recently. I'm now back, and part of the nine-to-five cogs of society (but not for too long I hope).

You traveled through Turkey, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. How was that? Anything that caught you especially?

Well, I'm not really going to do these places any justice by talking about them. But anyway, it was amazing. And yes, I discovered some real gems along the way. An amazing little Croatian island which seemed to be free of tourists, apart from us.We camped there on a farm by the sea with a lovely fishing family. We also came accross an amazing secluded valley on the Turkish Mediterranean coast where I found one of those twisty leg tripods literally IN the waterfall there. I ended up taking some timed exposure photos with it there before it broke a couple of days later I II.

Do you prefer to shoot with 35mm film? If so, why?

Yes. For starters, I really like messing around with old manual cameras. It's fun to see the results from combinations of different films, cameras, lens' etc. Film somehow seems to capture moods and atmosphere more accurately. Also, the imperfections. Quirky colours/grains/marks/reflections/whatever, create something beautiful and unique. Nothing against digital though.

Are you the kind of person to stay near your hometown, or would you rather migrate to another country?

A travelling wilbury.

What's going on here?

A piece from an Anish Kapoor exhibition in London. It's a cannon. It's a about to shoot a big hot red glob of wax into that room.

Do you prefer to choose the angle you shoot from carefully or do you rather like to shoot from different angles spontaneously without much thinking?

Really depends on the situation. Obviously with candids and other impromptu styles you've just got to gooo without thinking too much.

What do you think of lomography?

Great way to see how different people view the world.

What is "The Von G├╝tenberg Family Album" about?

Just one of those things that happened one night in Manchester. It was my mate Kieran who came up with the whole story behind it, industrious bastard. By the way, I think there may be some long lost cousins on the way.

The song you listened to most frequently in the last couple of days?

Cross The Tracks - Maceo & The Macks

Most ridiculous music act of all times in your opinion?

I know he was teased in school and everything, but meatloaf is pretty bad really, isn't he?

McDonalds or Burger King?

The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's

Anything else?

Just wanted to add this for anyone who will be in Prague at some stage in the future. Biggest collection of old cameras I've ever seen. Lovely staff that don't speak a word of english. Cheap as chips. (here)

Europe's corners caught on film, be sure to check out his flickr and blog!

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