Monday, 15 February 2010

Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson
Edinburgh, Scotland
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On your flickr, there are a couple sets with pictures taken in different countries/cities. Do you travel a lot?

I suppose I have travelled a fair bit. I find South America fascinating. I'm always hungry to experience completely foreign cultures. Foreign to me at least.

You seem to prefer digital photography. Is there a specific reason for this?

I shoot so much stuff that if I was shooting to film I'd be bankrupt! Film is beautiful though. And I plan to use it more.

Your most recent series involves pictures consisting of impersonal images with phrases added to them. What is the concept behind it?

Mostly the words are things I overhear, sometimes they are meant for people and sometimes they are just for me.

To you, what is the worst?

Regret unfortunately. I love Marmite now. Fickle. Me.

Wherein lie your goals artistically?

My friend charlie said my photographs are just like my head – all over the place. I think that's quite true, I don't think I'm a goal setter. I have one plan and that's to be happy and have fun. Always.

What kind of movies do you enjoy watching the most?

I like beautiful films. A Single Man is beautiful. City of God is beautiful.

Which place would you recommend the most for nature photography in the UK?

My special place is the Isle of Skye. It's off the west coast of Scotland and 6 hours drive from my house. It's not traditionally beautiful – in fact it's rather brutal. Battered by winds, the sort of place where there's always a storm brewing. But I love it. Huge mountains, waterfalls, sea lochs. Every view is amazing.

A museum/art gallery you enjoyed visiting a lot?

I'm a gallery prostitute. I go where the work that interests me is. Although the Baltic in Newcastle is special to me. I once got stuck in one of their glass lifts for over an hour. They had to pass water in through a gap in the doors. It was all very dramatic.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A happy place I hope.

What do you spend more money on: music or movies?

Music always. I'd like to marry TraceyAnne from Camera Obscura.

Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry milkshake?


Which camera do you usually carry with you?

At the moment I carry an Olympus OM-1. She's lovely. She weighs a ton and is older than me. I love her.

Loads of pictures telling (a traveler's) stories, be sure to take a look at her flickr!

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