Monday, 8 February 2010

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim
once London, now Toronto
the second picture is called man-aise

I had the pleasure to ask Scott a couple of questions:

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I'm working on a few different things, mostly some graphic design because my camera was off getting fixed and I had to find some other creative outlet. I also am working on a large group project with an artist/photographers collective called FOES started by me and Carl W. Heindl. That's been in the works for a while but we're just waiting to get everything together. The FOES website is here and that will take you to info about it and the flickr group we started.
I'm also starting a collaboration project with Kavin Wong and looking to do a group show sometime soon with Erika Altosaar, and someone else (still looking).

What are you more concentrating on: photography or design?

I'm actually having a hard time picking one right now, I obviously have been doing photo for longer than I have graphic design, but I've always had an interest in it. It's tough but really when it comes down to it I'm just as focused on both, it just seems that currently I'm producing better consistent graphic work than photo. But that can change at any moment I suppose.

You've got a couple of series on your flickr, which one(s) do you personally like the best?

I think the balloon face one is my fav, or maybe the mask series because it was kinda the first one I worked on and I pulled it together in like 4 days for a final assignment. Although the balloon series was very impromptu and it was funny getting people to hold balloons, and also the polaroid aspect kinda changed things. I guess I really didn't answer so ... mask series for the win.

If you would take a girl out, where would you take her?

Oh jeez, I dunno if I've ever had to plan something like this. Usually its based on spontaneity or I try and leave it up to her, but since every girl is so indecisive ... I really like food, and eating, a lot, but that's kinda played out, just somewhere sweet I suppose. Maybe I'm really bad at dating.

What lead you to move to Toronto?

I moved to Toronto mostly for school, to get away from London. I was born in Woodstock so the place we always wanted to be was London, and then once we got to London it just made sense that then the only place we wanted to be was Toronto.

You were involved in Carl W. Heindl's "Next to Strangers' Cars" series. It says that you had 5 minutes to set up each picture. How was that?

That series was a lot of fun, that was pretty much the first time me and Carl had ever worked together, he'd taken photos of me before but just us dicking around. We kinda fed off of each other in that shoot and then I would just do things, or climb on something or just act like an idiot and hope he followed my lead and that was the outcome. It was also funny because my ex- girlfriend is the other model in the series, but Carl didn't realize that when he asked me to model with her. That worked to our advantage, I think, you see a lot of mimicked movements between the two of us and of course angst/tension.

If you were to list your all-time favourite songs, which one would most definitely be in the list?

Thats an ever-changing list, so currently I'm gonna have to go with Sierra Leone by Mt. Eden. Loving the Dub, so grimey.

On FOES, when do you currently plan Codex #1 - "Apart" to be released?

Yeah that Codex has been pushed back so many times, it's kinda a mix of reasons. All I can say is hopefully soon, it's just correlating photos with such a large body of work and then 8 members can be time consuming. We need to hire personal assistants, even though we aren't paying ourselves to begin with.

What kind of pictures do you personally enjoy looking at the most?

Tough Question, I can tell you I don't like looking at the backs of peoples heads, girls on beds, skin in sunlight, and deviantart garbage. But that's a bit of an inside joke/personal opinion, nothing against the people who have those photos. I guess just fresh ideas are my fav.

The best music gig you have ever been to?

Salem, at Lee's Palace, that night was retarded. It was Vazowe'en (the gay event) on Devils Night as a precursor to halloween party and I went with my friend Laura-Lynn unbeknownst of the homosexual undertones. I made the mistake of dressing as a raccoon, my tail got pulled way too much ...

Best part of living in London?

The best part of London is the people, the music/art scene and my brother. Honestly London would not be half as good without the people who run things down there. Open House Collective, and Paterson Hodgson, Jesse Gibb, EVAC, Thomas Cermak, Andrew Meehan, Alex Bodkin, Brad Shapiro. Without meeting those dudes and getting involved in the scene down there, I would never ever go back. And they're all a huge inspiration, especially Thom.

Is there a blog/tumblr you check up on daily? What do you like about it?

I check way too many websites, 24 regular on the hour checks, and then tumblr/flickr often also. I really like checking up on friends work, and seeing progress and where they're at. But if I had to pick one, The Daily What on tumblr is pretty bad ass, and RadioButt was decent too (R.I.P).

And what about this Scott Pilgrim?

It's kinda a comical part of my life, some people know about it but it always seems that on the daily someone new has discovered it. It can be kinda a pain in the ass because people fbook me about it or are so amazed with their find and think it's the first time I've ever heard of it. Sometimes I just fake enthusiasm because I don't want them to be embarrassed for being so stoked, or sometimes I don't respond, usually my brother has some sly comment to lay on them so I let him do the talking. The author is actually from my home town, and there's some weird correlation between me and the character but that's about it. My friend Ryan Halpenny worked on the set for the film and he hooked me up with a sweet Scott Pilgrim beanie.

Your favourite fruit juice?

Grape to the grave.

Really inspiring ideas, balloons and masks, so be sure to check his flickr and blogs!

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