Monday, 31 May 2010

Hannah Fresia

Hannah Fresia
Phoenix, Arizona
flickr blog

You do shoot a lot spontaneously as you go, don't you?

Yes I do. I like to just capture moments of my life.

What do you think is more important for taking good pictures: speed or patience?

For me, probably speed. Because the moment will pass and I will miss my shot if I dont act quickly.

If you got offered a job for food photography, how would you react?

Sounds tragically boring.

Dark, milk or white chocolate?

All three.

Which TV series do you think has/had the best setting?

Well, Lost had a pretty cool island.

Do you think that the concept of the auteur in film theory would also work for photography?

If I’m understanding the question right, then yes. Because the photographer should have their vision and what they want their photos to look like and not let others ruin that.

What are the charms of black and white photography in your opinion?

It just doesn’t look like the real world, it can makes things beautiful and look completely different than reality.

The most romantic movie you can think of?

Paris, je t’aime.

On your flickr you uploaded a lot of portraits. Would you say that the setting of the pictures has a great effect on their final outcome, or is the person portrayed more likely to be independent from it?

The person portrayed is more likely to be independent from it. Because when I take a portrait of someone it is usually in the moment, and I dont move the person to another background or anything. But if the setting is lovely then that is just a bonus.

On your blog, you have an entry about the movie "An Education". What did you like most about it?

I loved the look of the film. The locations were lovely and I’m just a sucker for films set in the sixties.

What do you consider the best shitty job a student can have?

Probably some sort of mom and pop run business where you get cut a lot of slack.

Your biggest teenage celebrity crush was?

James Franco.

Fantastic portaits. Be sure to take a look at her flickr!

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