Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Garrett Lockhart

Garrett Lockhart 
Nanaimo B.C.

Your body of work is like a tribute to film photography. Is the engagement in analog photography something 'near and dear' to you?

Something about film has always excited me.  The fact that you really have to thing about what you are shooting, and even when the moment is captured, you have to wait to see the finished result.  I love film.

What would you say are the charms of 'suburbia' as a photographical setting and motive?

How everything moves.  People, cars, bikes, flashing lights.  It's hectic, but beautiful.

And does this stand in contrast to nature photography, or do you see overlapping themes in both areas?

The same thing can be said about nature photography.  Nothing is ever still.  Grass in the wind, trees rocking back and forth, a stream trickling.  

When you look at your own pictures, which is more often the case: you see the images in vivid remembrance or as time held still?

I would say as time held still.  That's what people take photos for.  To make time stop.  

Connected to this: Would you say that engaging in photography implies a romantic notion of dealing with time, or the attempt to historicize experienced moments?

Definitely a romantic notion of dealing with time.  Historicize sounds a bit harsh.  Capturing images should be a kind of intimate thing, I believe.

Do you enjoy it when the colours on the pictures you take are different than the objects in
real life, or does it rather bother you?

I love it.  It's a complete surprise with film, and that's why I enjoy it so much.  

Do you find it difficult to throw pictures away, no matter how bad and irrecognizable the images are?

Yes, I do.  A few weeks ago, only two prints could be developed on a roll I had taken.  The photos turned out horrific, yet I couldn't throw them away.  It seemed like it just wasn't right.

If you were to establish a photography/art agency, upon which premises would you base the work conducted within it?


Would it even interest you to engage in such organizational work, or would you say that the individual life and work of an artist is what you would prefer doing?

I would rather work on my own.  I work better that way anyway, but I focus more on what is around me when I'm alone.

Finally, when you take a moment to look at the set of pictures shown here, what is it that goes through your mind?

Curiosity, really.  We are curious beings.

Altering colours and grain. Take a look at his work!

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stunning quite stunning!!!!! good work there Garrett :)