Monday, 8 November 2010

Shayne Stroud

Shayne Stroud
Austin, Texas

As self-indulgent this might sound; does your own work ever inspire you?

Inspiration for me bounds from forces like music and film. My own work is certainly an inspiration though I am hard pressed to know if it is the making of it, or the actual work when revisited that inspires me more. I get so excited when I forget about an image and then on finding it again buried deep in some unorganized heap of files or prints, exuming the memory of the initial emotions/inspiration that went into making it. Sometimes I am inspired by it to make new works with the same intentions.

Quick return to photography: when planning on a picture, is it more often a mood or an image you wish to convey?

A mood is usually the first inckling of inspiration I have, and I live my life and make my work guided by my ever flippant emotions. I do not think it is intentional nor planned, but as my work is born out of an emotion so I suppose the result would convey that emotion. I never draw out images or plan down to the smallest snidbit before a shoot. I have whimiscal ideas and dreamy hopes for what it may become, but in the process of shooting the moment arises and I know that I have got what I wanted. I guess that is an emotional decision too, and when editing the finals I seem to choose those that fit the mood and…well as I do not wish to push any meaning or mood on the viewer, I do hope they are moved in some way nonetheless.

Within modern art, which contemporary artist(s) have you perceived to be most groundbreaking?

I do not keep up with the art world as much as I have been told I should. Often my inspiration is derived from music, film, or daily life. However, there are artists that I can not help but notice. Joel-Peter Witkin is a favorite of mine. Using older techniques, and unconventional subjects he has made haunting work that always excites me. I also greatly appreciate the work of Sally Mann. Maybe not so much all her work, but the beauty of capturing an image of someone you love so deeply is something…. I heart Harmonie Korine, Catherine Breillat, and David Lynch, too!

The perfect autumn afternoon would imply…

Coffee, a bike ride in a just-bought vintage dress, and more coffee.

Nostalgia on the rocks, in bright, glossy colours. Take a look at her work!

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