Monday, 15 November 2010

Sid Black

Sid Black
Oxford, England

I come from Oxford, England and am - unfortunately - still visiting school. I love art, especially photography; thus I can't wait to get out of school and take pictures non-stop. 

But it appears good things come along with school, too... This series was taken during Sid's school trip to New York City.

I took the following three pictures during one of my fondest memories while in New York: we were on the first day of our school trip, and had planned on visiting Central Park. We arrived there in early evening and the light was amazing: it was just peeking through the trees and buildings onto the rocks we were sitting on. It was almost too beautiful. Most people were sketching, but I couldn’t stop snapping away with my AE-1.

The next picture was taken in the McDonalds on Times Square. Being on Times Square was a bit of a gift and a curse: the lights, signs and tall buildings were amazing, but it was a little crowded and all in all overwhelming. So it was nice to sit down and rest. Plus, I even got a free wrap!

After that we walked back from McDonalds and went to this corner where our group was supposed to meet. The light from the building down the street was falling so nicely onto the metal grill, so I just had to take a few pictures! Then we headed off to the Empire State building and went right up to the top of it.

These were taken right from the top of the Empire State. I don't know how to describe this experience, but it was just like nothing I've ever done before. I'm usually scared of heights but up there I felt very comfortable. 

A few days later, when we were on a boat taking us around Manhattan, showing us the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero - and everything else there is to see - I took the next picture. It was pretty amazing, although maybe a little a bit crowded, but I really like the colours that I got out of this film (which actually was some brand-less long expired one).

During our last full day of our trip, we were walking along the High Line, an abandoned railway line in Chelsea – quite near to where we were staying. The High Line itself wasn't all that great, but the view from it down this street was amazing. Oh yeah, and I burnt this print with a match after being inspired by this photo.

On the last walk back to our hotel -  the very last night we were staying in it – I took this picture: there was a lot of fog, and you could hardly see the tops of the higher buildings. This photo seriously doesn't do it justice, because it probably was one of the best things I have ever seen.

Early the next morning we took the plane back to England. 

Here: young photographer's enthusiasm coupled with love for NYC. Take a look at his further work!

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