Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Niccolò Barone

Niccolò Barone
b. Carpi, Italy
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What do you think is most important for a good cooperation between photographer and model?

I think that the most important things for a good cooperation between photographer and model (and good results) are mutual trust/confindence and professionalism. I believe that a good relationship and a nice approach to shooting allows to achieve better results as it gives more freedom for artistic expression on both sides. In the art of portraiture conveying emotions means to interpret the feelings of who you are shooting, so I prefer to photograph the reality rather than encourage my subjects to pose a according to a certain image. The reality is more interesting than fiction, and true feelings are more exciting.

Would you say that the model is an artist him-/herself as well?

Absolutely. For models, personal talent and the ability to convey emotions through the body, face and eyes, are more important than ‘just’ beauty.
Over the years I have worked with very capable people who managed to express what I was looking for. Neither were they not professional models, nor did they have an exceptional beauty or extraordinary aesthetic qualities, but precisely this allowed me to have good results.

Is there a place you visited solely because you had seen it on TV, in a movie or in a picture?

Yes, a lot of places! The Vinales Valley (Cuba) or Bagan (Burma), Espiritu Santo Isla (Baja California, MX) and some other. Looking at hundreds of photographs every day, my imagination is drawn to the special places that, at times, become destinations for my next trip!

Do you enjoy travelling alone, or do you prefer having company?

I usually travel with other people, I love to share experiences and feelings. I think that sharing emotions, experiences and feelings is one the most important side of any kind of trip.

What is it that you do first in order to get more acquainted with something foreign?

I love walking through towns that I don't know, with a map, and maybe get lost.  It is often a way to get close and go into unknown territories and cultures different from mine. Another strategy I use to go over and to familiarize is to blend in with the locals, through dress and habits, in markets, cafés or other places where I can try to be something of different than myself.

Do you consider yourself more of a cosmopolitan or rather a traveller in different places?

I definitely feel cosmopolitan, but I'd settle to be considered a polite traveller.

Which way do you mostly choose: the simple or difficult one?

The hard way is always the only way in my life. For some years I have regarded this as a curse of my nature, but now I can understand that it is only one way to approach life and the systems that surround us.

Your worst and best memory of taking photographs?

On my way to photograph and design the image is essentially based on research and reproduction of reality, in the aspects that most appeal to me, but always maintaining the highest possible fidelity to realism and life. For this reason, all the moments that bind me to the photo are, more or less rich in emotions.

I do not have a good time related to photography.
I do not have a bad time relating to photography.

I definitely have many moments relating to photography filled with emotions such as love, longing, luck, and joy.

Is patience a virtue?

Yes, definitely. I think that patience is a virtue and a "divine gift", I envy patient people!
Unfortunately, patience is not my natural virtue, but over time and thanks to the people around me, I have learned (and I am learning every day) the importance of this quality and how to administrate it.

The art of bringing colour through expression. Take a look at his work!

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