Thursday, 29 October 2009

Arden Wray

Arden Wray
Toronto, Montreal, Canada
"beauty in unexpected places"

A little interview with Arden reveals.....

What would you say could be the key to a good portrait?

I think the key to a good portrait is capturing a moment of real honesty in your subject--usually that comes with photographing the moments in-between, maybe even when your subject doesn't see it coming.

A couple of your pictures on flickr show indoors, domestic scenes and still lifes. They make one want to stay home. Wherein lies their charme for you?

I'm actually working on a series right now about the experience of nesting, which I feel like I'm doing right now. I seem to only be interested right now in that feeling of being peaceful, happy, and cozy at home. I think it's because I am in love and it is cold outside.

What is the greatest challenge in photography for you?

Probably the technical aspect. I used to shoot only on disposable cameras because I was impatient and scared of missing the moment while fiddling with the exposure or focus, but now I've really grown to love my SLR. Even still, though, I'm sloppy because I shoot so fast. A fair portion of all of my rolls are always underexposed, a bit blurry, etc.

Summer and winter or spring and autumn?

Spring and autumn! I'm a wussy. I don't like extremes.

Photoflipbook or video?

Photoflipbook! Although I am planning to try my hand at video at some point this year...

What's more difficult: photographing people or things?

I think both are equally difficult at times.

If you got the chance to take a trip and were to document it for an photography exhibition in the end, where would you go?

It's my ultimate photo-fantasy to do a roadtrip across the Southern USA. I have an intense fascination with it and I think it would be dream material for my pictures.

Your favourite artist by far?

Oh, tough question!! I guess it would be William Eggleston. The photographs that have stuck on my mind the most and sunk in the hardest.

Her pictures are made of dreams and friends and homes and soft colours and charming lights. Be sure to visit her flickr and beautiful website!

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