Monday, 7 December 2009

Matthew Houston

Matthew Houston
Mesa, Arizona

milkwithtea is also very fond of traditional art, folks. So it was a pleasure to finally interview Matthew:

When did you start drawing? How did you start?

I started drawing when I was a kid. I don't really remember how I started, but I remember I went through a severe Dragon Ball Z phase. I hope to move past it eventually...

Some of your drawings really remind of historical paintings of battle fields orsituations in classics of literature. Do you have such in mind when you draw, or doesit develop into them while you're working?

In literature or history a certain spirit exists that draws one in and inspires. I try to reproduce that spirit in some of my drawings.

Forts, knights, counts. You seem to have a real fascination with the Middle Ages, true?

I do like the middle ages I think, though I don't know much about them. I just have this image of them formed by Steinbeck's "King Arthur and his Noble Knights" and various images of knights and armor I've seen over the years.

Religious and political symbols along with aliens pop up frequently as well. What about them?

I like symbols as well. I like their shapes more than their meanings. I don't know about aliens, though...

Is there any distinct criteria for making an art piece in colour or in black and white?

I think it's based on the kind of pen I use. If I use a ball point pen it will be in black and white, but if I use a Micron I purposely draw the image with my bucket-fill coloring technique in mind. No breaks in lines, minimalistic, etc.

What kind of art do you enjoy most personally?

I most enjoy romantic era painting, Velasquez, also some Neo-Raphaelite work.

Fecal face?

I like Fecal Face, I stumbled on the site a couple of years ago and I've found inspiration there.

You were writing about wanting to produce more "narrative" art some while ago. What did you havein mind exactly?

Well, I wanted something narrative but I didn't know exactly what I wanted. Comics? I got involved with a few narrative-based projects but ultimately went the opposite way, producing ever more single, simple, free-standing pictures with no function other than to be seen as pleasing shapes and no context in which to be understood.

Why do you dislike urban art/culture?

I dislike urban art and culture because I find it really boring. Maybe I just don't understand it, but it just seems so tacky and contrived. I just find it low.

Your favourite book/novel so far?

I think my favorite book at the moment is "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Hemmingway. I got way into it.

Your major source of inspiration right now?

My major source of inspiration right now is anything old, antiques, history, and some artists I know, especially Donald Dixon.

Maybe there are other huge fans of his art, but I dare them to battle me. Be sure to take a look at his work!

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