Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Paul Paper

Paul Paper
Vilnius, Lithuania
just have some vision

I had the chance to interview Paul:

For how long did you travel for your project "Photodiaries: sofa trip around Europe" and where did you go?

It took me almost two months to visit 15 places in Europe: from Arad in Romania and Sofia in Bulgaria to Paris, London, Vienna, Marseilles etc.

What was one of the best part of this project besides taking photographs in different places?

Photographs are only visual reminder of the trip which was all about the whole experience of the lone long-distance traveler visiting strangers. The nice part was to get out of train and meet someone you just had a vague idea about. And to know them, to learn about their life.

How important do you think are online zines for photography or art in general?

If by zines, you mean blogs as well - quite/very important.

What is your favourite dish?

My girlfriend says I like tasteless dishes. Some of my favorites: non-flavored corn chips, cream vegetable soup and almost anything from my grandpa's garden.

Street photography and pictures in urban settings are one "part" of photographic art. Is there a city you like best for such a setting, for your own work or also when looking at pictures of other photographers?

I am inspired by strange, abandoned places rather than mass of buildings, therefore I like to visit countryside or small forgotten towns. Eastern Europe is full of the later.

Is there a book about photography you would recommend?

There are a lot of great photography books coming out of independent publishers, but I would to notice "The Hotel" book (pub. 1984) by Sophie Calle.

The latest movie you watched?

Yesterday I watched "La chinoise" by Jean-Luc Godard.

If you could interview one artist of your choice, whichever art he or she might engage in, who would it be?

I would have liked very much to talk with Lithuanian semiotician Algirdas Julius Greimas.

Are you currently engaging or planning on new projects?

I'm working on a film project that is still at an early stage at the moment.

The best part of getting older?

Getting little better and little smarter.

Amazing photographer, be sure to take a look at his flickr, website and blog!

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