Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Project by Jostein Wålengen: hot wire my heart

Jostein Wålengen
Oslo, Norway
project: hot wire my heart

Some questions I asked Jostein about and around the project:

What is "hot wire my heart" about?

hot wire my heart isn't really about anything, but i wanted to a capture a somewhat dreamy, apathic feeling, title as in 're-start my heart'.

How did the idea for the project develop?

i wanted to do a longer project (this is only the first part, im also working on a super 8-movie and 12 more photos) with a kinda lynched, floral, dreamy feeling. it ended up a bit simpler, so hopefully i can 'dream it up' with part 2, hehehe. the bad weather in Norway didn't do me any good.

Wherein lies the charm of expired films in your opinion and why do you choose to use such?

i use expired film because half the time, it turns out great, especially with polaroid. half the time not so great, but i like that it's so unpredictable. it's also significantly cheaper.

Will there be an exhibition of your project? If yes, where and when?

at this time, i will not do an exhibition. i don't feel ready, only having photographed for a year and a half. i'd rather do a exhibtion or publish something when i'm truly happy with a project.

What is the major concept behind your artistic work?

my major concept is basically to create things i personally find beautiful. i like my photography to look like something i dreamt, i'm also quite influenced by juergen teller, stefanie schneider, edouard plongeon and nan goldin. and various flickr-photographers, of course.

Who is the female model on these pictures?

i've used several models in this project, but my friend Sunniva is in most of them. she's an aspiring stylist and clothing designer, and i like shooting her alot. i've also used Maja, which i live with and have known for pretty long, Julie, which is a girl in my class, and myself (i recently got a self timer for my polaroid sx-70)

Right now: your favourite thing to do when you're not taking pictures?

that's a hard one, as taking photos is my favourite thing, but maybe reading stefanie schneider's stranger than a paradise, with a glass of red wine and a cigg. i also like going out alot, watching a good movie and winning auctions at ebay.

Things seem to go wrong repeatedly on a day of shooting. The best way to overcome this?

i've experienced this a lot, several times while shooting these. it often occurs if i plan something too much, so i guess my tip would be to not plan anything too detailed, and just shoot on impulse. also, have plenty of time - i spent hours upon hours with Sunniva in my apartment, taking less than ten photos.

I had made a feature about Jostein's work some while ago already. He is planning to create a new website early in 2010, and I will let you know about it. Be sure to look at his new project and check out his blog in order to stay up-to-date!

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