Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Svetlana Mijic

Svetlana Mijic
Novi Sad, Serbia
Postcards from Serbia

A little interview with Svetlana reveals:

Where were most of your pictures on flickr taken?

Most of my pictures were taken in Bukovac.

Do you decide to either black/white or colour film beforehand, or do you arbitrarily shoot with the film that happens to be in your camera?

I just like having my camera at my side, i don't mind what's in it.

As Christmas holidays have begun or are about to (and Hannukah already passed), the time of going home or visiting friends has also started. Now, travelling by train sometimes is linked to a sort of 'nostalgia'. Do you feel the same way and do you like to travel by train?

I totally agree! I love trains, but traveling by train makes me sad, I think of all the people who take part from each other.

Who is your best 'photography-friend'?

I work alone :)) My sister fjgdgfhdjgdfgjha.

You have a lot of pictures of children in your flickr gallery. What is special about photographing them?

That is my sister you see on photographs, and she is such an inspiration. Her every movement makes for one great photo.

One thing you most probably would not want to photograph ever?

I would never get into peoples faces, like some street photographers do.

If you could choose one item to add to your equipment, what would it be?

One medium format camera, and a lot of lenses. All kinds of lenses.

Who do you think takes the best pictures of you?

Tamo neki, aubögte and fjgdgfhdjgdfgjha took the best shots of me.

Your daily preference: tea or coffee?

A big cup of coffee with my boyfriend, that takes a whole day.

Would you say it's easier or more difficult to take pictures of family members?

For me, it´s easier.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. True?


Check it out, take a look at her flickr!

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Cool interview, Your my Queen Svetlana :)) Thanks lemiau!