Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Jordan Kay

Jordan Kay
Seattle, Washington
old flicks, sketchbooks, espresso noir

Interview with Jordan:

In "Right Out of My Hair" and "The Utopia Serie" you state those were inspired by old movies. What do you find interesting or inspirational in old movies?

I really like the roles women had [in general] in Classical Hollywood film. There were various characters, but the lighting and pancakish makeup is the same. Growing up, I watched many 1930s & 40s films and somehow they painted this picture of love (and classy seduction) I thought I'd grow up to master. I'd secluded myself off into this fantasy world happy endings, that I thought were destined to happen to me. I suppose also Disney had a huge part in my "make-believe future." (As for practically every kid.)

Do you find it easier to draw images that are in your head or rather things and people that are before you?

I think I do a mix of both. I have an idea.. then draw something set before me at random... then twist the image with things/patterns from my mind until it fits the idea. If drawing is "problem solving," then I definitely make the problem far worse before it gets "solved."

What is the best way to overcome times of idea-less-ness?

Draw. Anything.

When working on you Illustrated Notebook, did you search for phrases that matched what you wanted to draw/paint, let yourself get inspired by certain phrases or just let it happen spontaneously?

I picked out the funniest/or most interesting phrases, then either drew something that obviously went with it, or just drew something. Anyone who sees the drawing will make their own associations either way.

Beachhouse or hut in the woods near a lake?

Ooo...ugh, both? Could cabin be an option? A cabin near a lake & the beach....half in the woods?

Is there a novel you would like to redesign the book cover for?

Ian McEwan's "Atonement".

Latte or espresso?


Your favourite spot in your hometown?

Old decrepit railway bridge that stills runs over the river.

You made a 1980s Hip-Hop Coloring Book. What could be the next theme for a coloring book?

I was originally going to make a 90s Hip-hop book, but I'm thinking maybe more towards a gossip zine about celebrities in the 90s (or maybe just all about one celeb...that'd be kind of funny... and make the gossip wildly impossible.)

How did you like the interior design of the Brighton Pavillion?

A M A Z I N G. Can that be the hut on the lake?

In art, you're tired of seeing ...

Any pretentiousness that goes along with it.

Such inspiring work, be sure to visit her flickr and website!

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THE most talented and wonderful to work with artist there ever was.