Thursday, 7 January 2010

Kirill Kuletski

Kirill Kuletski
Moscow '75, London '10
ideas and thoughts and imagery

The images shown here are from his two projects "Speleotherapy" and "Imposition". A brief interview with Kirill:

Do you think that paintings and traditional art also can be used as a "medium which translates the artist’s state of mind into a visual form"? If so, is there an artist/work which come to your mind automatically?

Of course it can. Photography is just a tool that I know how to use. I would capture the same images with the brush if had the ability to paint. And as for contemporary painters I think Eric Fischl would be the one that I get my inspirations from even though his style and vision is completely different from mine.

One similarity between London and Moscow?

The amount of beautiful people on the streets.

What is "Imposition" about?

This project is basically a self portrait, a blueprint of my state of mind and the vast land of USA happened to be the mirror to what I was going through emotionally after I split up with my ex.

Your favourite film maker/director?

There are many film makers that I like but I would say Peter Greenaway, Andrey Tarkovski and...Woody Allen would be my favourite three.

Portraits and people are rare in your gallery. Why is that?

I do photograph a lot of commercial portraits and fashion but I separate this type of work from my personal projects that you see on my website.

Brick Lane is ...

…were hoxton wankers hung out..haha. Only joking.

Something you can't work without?


Be sure to take a look at his work!

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