Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ramona Flume

Ramona Flume
Austin, TX
mellow but adventurous

Interviewing Ramona was most exclusive fun:

What urges you to take a photograph at a specific moment?

I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many things I love: my family, my roommates and friends, my city. So it’s always different, but it usually involves a gasp, a ‘don’t move’ and then a click.

You have a series of pictures taken in South America in 2007. What was the occasion? And your best memory from that time?

I traveled alone through South America in 2009 for a journalism fellowship. I visited indigenous tribes and regions throughout Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Every open road, dusty bus ride and day-long boat trip were standout memories.

And you were also in Spain. Which building's or monument's art and architectural features impressed you most?

Everything Gaudi did was extremely impressive. I remember liking the servant quarters in Casa Batillo the best, actually. They were right under the rippling roof, so they got the best air and sunlight all day. I guess that must have been more for practical purposes like laundry back then, but I thought it was the most beautiful part of the home.

What is going on here?

That is a fort I made recently when home for the holidays. I never grew out of making them. My whole family was actually at a dinner when I made this and when my Mom came home and saw an entirely deconstructed room, she asked me if I was “on something.”

You have a band and can choose who you'd like to go on tour with. Who will it be?

It’d have to be Bjork. I think she is brilliant and I’m a huge fan of her music, but I would want to tour with her just to dress up with her backstage, put on face paint and sequins and listen to her talk about Iceland and fireflies. She is so precious.

Dusk or Dawn?

Dawn. I get adrenaline rushes in the morning so I’m usually not too tired to enjoy the sunrise.

If you could be a super hero, which power would you want to have?

I’m always reading, but I couldn’t read everything I wanted in ten lifetimes. I think I’d want the power to absorb all the contents of a book just by touching the cover. I’d be quoting Kierkegaard and speaking Mandarin by Friday.

Which camera do you achieve your recent low light pictures with?

A small Olympus Stylus film camera I keep in my purse.

What do you order at the drive-in most often?

Always: cheeseburger with fries. Chocolate milkshake if needed.

One country or city you wish to visit the most?

It changes all the time, but right now it’s Cambodia and Vietnam. Fingers crossed for this summer…

Do you plan to incorporate photography in your work as a journalist in future?

I do. I always have my camera with me and it’s such a good way to add perspective to subjects in articles. Photographs tell a completely different story of a person, so I like to compare and contrast that with print. I’ve always been most interested in people who are complex and complicated, so the more incongruities the better.

What do you like/dislike about family portraits?

It’s really easy to find my family in intimate settings, so I love that aspect. But I also know them so well that I can tell if they are tense or uncomfortable in front of the camera. So I have to wait longer to catch them off guard or relaxed, as opposed to with a stranger.

Your favourite dessert?

My grandma’s chocolate meringue pie.

Wonderful pictures, you can even sense the air and atmosphere. Be sure to visit her flickr!

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