Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Brook Schneider

Brook Schneider
San Fransisco
stones lights trees

When I asked Brook to send pictures for a feature she sent over a massive bunch, asking to narrow it down somehow. I have to admit that this was really hard to do and I could't cut off anymore of the pictures, because to me they're strangely brilliant in their own ways. Brook says of herself that she is an an artist healer getting psyched for 2012 ASCENSION (emphasis in original) and her profile reads:

"Existence itself my be considered an abyss possessed of no meaning. I do not read this as a pessimistic statement but a declaration of autonomy for my imagination & will and their most beautiful act of bestowing meaning upon existence itself" -Hakim Bey

Just be sure to dive into this insane loadstuff of pictures and titbits and things on her flickr.

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