Sunday, 25 October 2009

Jasmin Chun

Jasmin Chun
Honululu, New York
floating, sharp

Some questions I asked Jasmin:

Your personal preference: indoor or outdoor photography?

I tend to photograph outdoors more, so there we go.

Why "rape trail"?

The rape trail is actually an infamous stretch of road on my old college campus. Until two years ago, it was unpaved and there were no lights, so walking through it was a scary leap of faith. Even with the lights up, it is a little haunting.

Positive/Negative side of photography?

I'm not sure how to go about answering this, but I will recommend Camera Lucinda by Roland Barthes. Although dated, he gives an interesting argument against it.

What would you love to capture in a picture but haven't had the chance yet?

My [literal] home, back in Hawaii.

Your favorite photographer on flickr?

I'm going to shamelessly plug my long-time internet friend, Long Lim . He comes from a literary background, and thus has a really great mix of narrative and documentary. His photographs usually tie into small fictions or audio clips. Beautiful stuff.

Asleep and domesticated: what's it about?

This was around Thanksgiving--I was staying in the home of an [older] family, whose kids are now adults. It was a glance at their life and surroundings from an outsider's perspective.

In her pictures she captures all shades of colour and their shadows in sharp and soft shapes. Soothing. Be sure to visit her flickr!

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