Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Martin Canova

Martin Canova
Montevideo, Uruguay
photographic cinema deluxe

Couple of questions I asked Martin:

Do you like to plan your pictures or to just shoot away?

I usually shoot away. I mean, I wait until the picture "appears" in front of me. It's like hunting. Sometimes I have to hunt the prey a little more than other times, but it's very unusual for me to plan a picture.

Music or photography?

Both, but music is so powerful! Walter Pater said that "all art constantly aspires towards the condition of music", I've always thought that that was right.

Which camera (s) do you use the most?

I've been almost faithful to my Asahi Pentax that used to belong to my father. Recently I bought a couple of cheap pocket cameras that are easier to carry. But I'm not a nerd about photography, I don't know their brand or model and sincerely I don't care.

How many cats do you have?

One. Eve. But Eve's got a boyfriend that lives part of the time in my house. He has no name. All my friends have cats so I shoot a lot of cats.

The weirdest comment you got on a picture of yours?

I don`t remember any.

The biggest effort you made for a picture?

As I said, I wait until the photo "appears", and that's sometimes a big effort. But usually photos come to me.

The best memory you connect to a picture?

There are a LOT. Everyone of them. But I like when the opposite happens, when I don`t remember when I took a photo. It`s like mystery, I like that.

His pictures tell stories, the term "movie snapshot" wouldn't do them justice. Be sure to look at his gallery!

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