Thursday, 6 May 2010

Benedetta Falugi

Benedetta Falugi
Tuscany, Italy
flickr website

How do you bring depth of feeling into a picture?

I don't know if I'm able to do that but for sure, when I'm photographing, I try to follow the wave of emotion and involvement. I think that to be able to lose yourself, you have to leave behind everything else. This is very important, at least for me.

Do you think that living in Tuscany made you more alert to motives in nature for your photographic work?

It's possible, Tuscany is very beautiful and I'm proud to live here, but hey, there are so many other beautiful countries. By the way, I think that we are always conditioned by our surroundings and maybe if I Iived somewhere else my shots would be different in subject. But the eye it's the same.

What is your latest project "Il Cotone" around your most recent pictures on flickr about?

Well, it's a little project that I started 2 months ago and I'll finish it at the end of may. It's about two small areas of the city of Piombino. I'm trying to show through photography these two industrial quarters, working-class neighborhoods behind a big steel factory. My grandparents and my dad were born and raised here so I often visited these places when I was a child... I feel a great emotional connection with these places. I like it, because it's a small microcosm, most people know each other, there are still many people who leave their keys in the door, it seems that time has stopped and life flows more slowly.
But on the other side it is changing very quickly, a lot of foreigners have came to live here, because the houses are less expensive, there are many architectual renovations and it is interesting to see these changes and what people are thinking about this.

Your preference: reading books or listening to audiobooks?

Absolutely reading. I love books and I love touching and smelling their paper, too.

Which genre of movie do enjoy you watching the most?

Next to books, cinema is another thing that I really love. I prefer dramatic ones, but I enjoy good comedies and thrillers too. My favorite director is Kristof Kievslovski, I simply adore everything he did.

Fast food is ...

Bad? But I eat a lot of choccolate!

Is there a musical act that you like which, however, does not fit at all between all the other musics you enjoy listening to?

Classic music, sometimes it's perfect.

Fabulous. Be sure to take a look at her work!

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