Monday, 24 May 2010

Bookshop Folk, Lorna

Bookshop Folk, Lorna
Leeds, England

What is your set "Olympus trip 35" about?
It's not particularly about anything, just basically some photographs I've taken over the past month since my dad gave me his old Olympus trip 35 film camera; which he got for his 21st birthday.

If you were to exhibit your pictures, under which headline or theme would you present them?
I'm not sure, I'd have to really think about it, I'd want it to be something totally unique.

Have you watched "Alice in Wonderland"? If so, how did you like it?
I hated the Tim Burton remake, I thought it was pretty tacky; and I've not seen the Disney version since I was little, but I remember I used to watch it all the time. Alice by Jan Svankmajer is wicked though.

What makes you decide to edit a photo?

I don't like to do too much editing, I like messing around on photoshop with digital images but not film. I usually like them as they are, they don't need perfecting, film photography isn't about perfection.

Among young photographers, whose work do you admire the most?
Annette Pehrsson, so so good.

What's your opinion on online social networking?

Depends, I love Flickr and blogging; but I hate Facebook and I'm not sure why I even have it still, in my experience it causes more harm than good.

The best cupcake you've ever eaten?
Starbucks do right lovely little cute 'uns.

On family events, which questions annoy you the most?
I come from a pretty small family, so we don't really do events, we keep it pretty small and simple.

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