Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tamara Šuškic

Tamara Šuškic
flickr blog
Belgrade, Serbia

What do you cherish most about the photographic medium?

Its memory potential.

Do you pursue any other "forms of art" like drawing, music, film...?

Actually, I am a writer, I write poetry and plays. My latest book, Road and Family Songs is pretty much influenced by photography, particularly that of highway culture, nostalgic and nomadic, hot & dusty & warm wind, from a motel to a motel, empty dreams, nothing-to-do, accidental set-ups…

Where do you think lies the border between nude and pornographic images ( if you think that there is one, of course)?

This is very intriguing question. Because it is the question of boundaries. They, nudity and porn, intersect frequently. Both captivating. Pornographic image for its hyperrealism, rawness and transparency, it exaggerates the picturesqueness of anatomic details, bodies without faces, it’s too much of everything, blown up in your face, like baroque empire of details. It’s a parody of sex, completely absurd for its excessively staged sex, digital, almost clinical. Nudity itself does not involve violation, obscenity and perversion. Bare bodies can be ambivalent, therefore more seductive, not being reduced to materiality, function and production, they make the stage visible and readable and they can include different types of games. They leave something to be desired.

When your bag is bulging and full because of everyday items you need to carry with you throughout the day, how do you manage to still take a camera along with you?

I always have my camera on a leash.

Who is your favourite cook from within friends and family? And do you enjoy cooking yourself? If so, what do you consider your speciality?

I really love to be cooked for. Tatjana is a very good cook, she even bakes bread occasionally. She is very aesthetic about it too. Till recently I didn’t have the guts to cook, I could just make broccoli puree! That was my thing. Now I feel more adventurous, so I dare to try out some new and exciting recipes like rise with pear and gorgonzola.

When you think about it spontaneously: what does a perfect summer need to include for you?

Anonymity, palms, good mixtape, watermelon, nudity, rocks and turquoise or navy blue sea…

Shower or bathtub?

It’s a dilemma! Both, I guess, and I mean simultaneously.

How did you came up with the name DARK LAVA?

DARK LAVA is the color of dried lava.

She's her twin sister. Be sure to take a look at her work!

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