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Matilde Viegas

Matilde Viegas
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When was the first time you really liked a picture you had taken? What was it about?

Many photographers, amateurs or not, remember the time when they were still little kids and got their 1st camera and they would take as many pictures as they could. With me it didn't happen that way, it came quite late, I was around 18 at the time I got my 1st camera. That 1st special picture was a portrait of a friend of mine, she looked like a queen. That picture hit me like a meteor, I don't know, but that was somehow the "calling".

When looking through pictures, do you like to flip quickly through them or do you tend to look at them for a long time?

I tend to flip them, I trust my 1st impressions and when I feel something I'll take a closer and longer look. I guess I tend to be much more emotional than rational about imagery, when something gets my eye it also gets my heart.

Which film do you have the best experiences with?

I'm always changing between different types of films but I guess it would be Fujifilm X-TRA 400iso. Its depth of colours is just amazing!

How many rolls do you shoot on an average throughout the year?

I have no idea. I go through phases, right now I'm not carrying around my camera, I'm trying to keep the pictures in mind and see which ones remain. It's as if I was getting rid of all the clutter. But I guess, 40 rolls?!

Do you fear that film photography will eventually lose its significance due to digital photography?

I don't know, I just don't think about it. If it will, oh well, it's evolution.

If you were to donate your picture collections to a gallery or museum someday, which one would it be?

That's a difficult one. I really don't know, I supposed I haven't taken "the" picture yet, one that really amazes me.

Are you comfortable both before and behind the camera?

I'm most confortable behind the camera but recently I started to enjoy being observed. It's all about power once you are in front of the camera, being the object of admiration.

Jazz joints or heavy metal concerts?

Metal concerts, most definitely. I really enjoy the experience of being pusehd around in the middle of a moshpit, screaming my guts out. It's cathartic, cleans out the system.

Which current "trend" in art annoys you the most?

Everything around the wolves, galaxies and triangles. I think it boring. I don't like that universe.

Do you think that one should develop a certain dress style for oneself?

If it helps one to express himself, than yes. For me, it's very important, it says much about me and it helps me to feel good and powerful. Yes, clothing gives you power. Gives you structure, but mostly power.

Light leaks?


European or American or Indian cinema?

America AND European.

Do you think you would enjoy designing clothes more than visiting fashion shows?

Never. I've been to a serious fashion show once and it was quite an experience. Being an obsessive observer, it was almost like going to the zoo. People act different on fashion shows, trying to create a different personality for 3 days. It's very intriguing and fascinating.

All pictures amazing. Be sure to take a look at her work!

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